This is how Desi girls celebrated their birthdays in the hostel, watch the viral video

This is how desi girls celebrated their birthdays in the hostel The famous video. Today’s era is very digital, due to which social media is very trending on this platform, many such videos are going viral on social media day by day. To everyone’s surprise, one such video is trending on social media these days.

You all know that dance is everyone’s favorite. Because everyone expresses their happiness by dancing and singing. One such video is doing the rounds on social media, in this video three girls are seen celebrating a birthday party.

These three girls are seen celebrating their birthday party with cold drinks and coke. In this dance video, these three girls are enjoying the party. Girls wearing jeans tops doing amazing dance with open hair. These three girls are singing loudly on the song “Hum Se Kya Baita”.

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People liked this dance of these three girls immensely, while this dance has received thousands of likes and views so far, this video has become the first choice of people on social media. So along with this, people are appreciating this lady’s dance.

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