The groom couldn’t do it even after a million attempts, he got embarrassed, the bride showed her attitude

The groom couldn’t do it even after a million attempts, he got embarrassed, the bride showed her attitude : Bride Not Done: Wedding related videos went viral on social media as soon as they came out. In these videos we get to see different types of scenes. Sometimes the funny behavior of the bride and groom on stage and sometimes the funny actions of the baratis make headlines. Now the video that has come out is related to Jamala. In the video you will see that Jamala’s ceremony is taking place on stage. The bride and groom got ready to dress each other with Jamila in hand. The bride puts a gemla around her groom’s neck, but the groom repeatedly fails to do so.

The bride did not

In this video from Bride Not Done in a few seconds, you can see the bride and groom come on stage for the Jamala ceremony with their relatives. First, the bride dresses her groom in a jamila. Now it’s the groom’s turn, but he fails when he tries to wear a jamla around the bride’s neck. Despite repeated attempts, the groom is unable to wear the Jamla and becomes a laughing stock in front of the guests.

The guest could not believe it either.

The bride didn’t do it just as the groom repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to put the garland around the bride’s neck, the guest also couldn’t believe it. Commenting on this video, a user wrote, ‘Brother, don’t get married, don’t do this’. At the same time, another person writes, ‘Someone must have brought alcohol from somewhere, which has an effect.’ This wedding video has been viewed millions of times so far. look at this.

While the bride didn’t make it, another video showed the various moments at the wedding, much to the amusement of the crowd. There are different wedding rituals in different parts of the country. The atmosphere in the house where the marriage takes place is different. Sometimes sister-in-law’s fun and sometimes sister-in-law’s fun. Now a video related to Bhabhi has come out on social media, which is going viral. In the video, the bride and groom are seen sitting on the wedding chair after Jamala. Then several daughters-in-law of the groom come and perform the ritual of feeding him sweets. But in the meantime, something happened that made everyone laugh.

Who did it by mistake.

In this viral video, you can see that Jemima’s program between the bride and groom has been completed. Both are sitting comfortably. Many girls come on stage at this time. One of them wants to feed sweets to the groom. As she proceeds to feed the sweets, she slips and accidentally kisses the groom. After that all the people in the procession start laughing. But the bride does not like this.

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The groom also laughed.

The bride did not, as soon as the sister-in-law kissed the groom in the middle of feeding sweets, the groom himself could not control his laughter. This unique wedding video is fast becoming viral on every social media platform. It has been uploaded on an Instagram account named bhutni_ke_memes. This video has been watched by millions of people.

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