Mouse accidentally tasted alcohol, then didn’t let the cat get drunk either – Watch Video –

The mouse accidentally tasted the wine This video shows a rat accidentally drinking alcohol. As a result, he gets so drunk that even the cat in front of him chases him away.

In the internet world, it’s really hard to know what to expect. There are some places that are hard to believe. The video of mouse and cat is going viral on social media. There is a world famous rivalry between mice and cats. Mice have never been more powerful than cats. What a sight it would have been if the cat ever left the field in fear of mice. A similar scene can be seen in the latest viral video.

A mouse fights a cat after drinking wine.

In this video that has gone viral on social media, a rat is seen approaching a glass of wine. Taste it after watching it. In the end, he is so drunk that he fights the cat. In response to the rat’s sudden attack, the cat decided to run away. Rarely have you seen a video involving a mouse and a cat.

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The cat ran away from the field.

The video shows the cat running away from the field after seeing the angry look of the mouse. It would be hard for anyone to believe these scenes. Various reactions are coming from the netizens on this video. An Instagram account named 18plusguyy uploaded the video.

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