Mahana had to joke with the snake, the angry snake attacked the woman, watch the video

Had to joke with the snake – expensive Members of the Snake and Reptile Rescue Welfare Society are constantly working to save snakes in and around Bilaspur.

A huge sized Russell Viper snake was found there, this snake is very venomous and has hemotoxin venom, the rescue team members informed the forest department, after which the snake was rescued from there. And he was left in his residence.

Snake and Reptile Rescue Welfare Society organization has got permission from forest department for snake rescue and this organization is working under WTI, and this organization is carefully following the rules of WTI and forest department. catches and gives its information immediately to the Forest Department. The snake is released in its habitat, and the video of the rescued snake is immediately given to the forest department.

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For your information, this video has been shared by a YouTube account named @MIRZA MD ARIF and the snakes in these videos have moved everyone’s hearts. So far, the video has been viewed more than a million times. So far, this video has been liked by more than 1000 people.

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