Kajol and Rekha did such a ‘dead’ photo shoot 26 years ago, Ranveer Singh’s pictures are nothing in front of him!

Kajol and Rekha did such an ‘indecent’ photoshoot 26 years ago, Ranveer Singh’s pictures are nothing to it: Both Kajol and Rekha have been the number one actresses of Bollywood. The two had a photo shoot 26 years ago that created a sensation. In front of Ranveer Singh’s nude pictures, his pictures hold little water.

There was a lot of uproar over Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s nude photo shoot. He was heavily criticized on social media. He was accused of hurting the sentiments of women. A case was even registered against him. So this issue still becomes a problem day to day but you will be surprised to know that there are many stars in the film industry who have done such photoshoots that Ranveer is also in front of them.

They look ‘water-filled’. Her nude pictures are nothing compared to these pictures. This photo shoot is not of an actor but of beauties. Rekha and Kajol. There was a time when one could not even think of doing all this. However, even then such photo shoots were called ‘in’ and both were accused of playing with the culture. Kajol and Rekha posed naked in the same dress. Big Brother. The poses are so killer you’ll be hooked. There is not one such picture, there are many. Let us show you and tell you when, where, and how it was shot.

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This photo shoot of Kajol and Rekha created a sensation. At that time, there was a lot of noise about these pictures. It took a lot of courage to do such a photo shoot in those days.

The photo shoot was done 26 years ago.

26 years ago in 1996, Kajol and Rekha did this photo shoot for Cine Blits magazine. His pictures were printed on the cover of the magazine. Both of them not only wore the same clothes but also took pictures in the same clothes.

It is being told that there was a lot of fuss about this photo shoot. It received a lot of criticism and both the actors were accused of playing with the culture.

Kajol made her Bollywood debut in 1992 with the film ‘Bekhudi’ and gained popularity with the film ‘Bazigar’ in 1993. Rekha was a superstar of the Hindi film industry at that time.

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Kajol remembers the 2018 photo shoot.

Although there was a commotion on the photo shoot of the two, it did not affect the two beauties. In 2018, when Kajol and Rekha met at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding reception, Kajol was seen mocking the photo shoot.

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