How to lose weight naturally – Simple Steps

Losing weight isn’t easy. Doing it in a healthy, sustainable, continuous way can make the task feel even harder.  The question is How to lose weight naturally. So, I’m listing out a few simple steps which will help you to lose weight naturally:

How to lose weight Naturally

Change your eating habits

It always comes down to what you eat which can help you lose some calories. Making small changes to what you eat can go a long way.

Eat colorful

Meaning, you include all types of veggies and fruits out there. A balanced diet is a must. Each meal should include protein, fat and low carb vegetables. When protein level in your food goes up you will have less food craving and as a result, you will lose more weight naturally.

Curb that sugar

Sugar has very high calories and many risk factors attached to it. To lose some serious weight cut down the quantity of sugar you intake. For those who have a sweet tooth should go for alternates like fruits, sugar substitutes, cinnamon. Starch and sugar both stimulate insulin secretion which is the fat storage hormone in the body. When insulin levels go down, so does the fat.

Drink water

Drinking water has shown amazing proven results in weight loss. It increases your metabolism rate. Drinking water just before meals helped in 44% of weight loss naturally.

Quit smoking and drinking

Drinking and smoking already come as a no-no habit. They also greatly manipulate your metabolism by depressing the central nervous system and restrict your weight loss routine. Kicking the habit will keep you healthy and feel fit.

Avoid junk food

Junk food is one of the biggest cause of over weightiness. If you restrict your intake of burgers and fries, there’s definitely going to be a thinner belly and a fitter you.


People tend to avoid eating at all when going on a diet. This leads to uncontrollable craving and you end up eating more. So, its always advised to snack on some diet-friendly foods like pistachio, avocados, banana, citrus fruits, apple or other healthy alternatives. This would not only curb your craving but also keep your calorie intake under control, helping you to lose weight naturally without feeling bad about it.

Green tea

One of the most common tips for weight loss is drinking a lot of green tea. It is well known for its ability to metabolize fat. It will increase the potential for weight loss coupled with regular exercise.


A simple mantra for weight loss is: move more and eat less. Join a Gym/ yoga classes if possible. Or do it yourself at home. Exercise will help to burn more calories than any other alternative. Exercise is the best way to lose weight naturally.


Walk a little after every meal. This will help you digest the food and increase the metabolism rate of your body. Start taking stairs instead of the lift. This simple switch goes way down in weight loss. Walking while speaking on phone is another excellent switch.

Wearable and fitness app

Get a wearable fitness device and keep track of your exercise daily. It would motivate you to move and exercise every day and help in making you thinner by tracking your activities daily. An app has a similar impact too.

Take a Selfie

Although it’s annoying to others, research shows that taking a photo of yourself after/ before workouts adds up to your motivation and boosts your morale to lose some more pounds.

Set realistic goals

Start by setting some very simple goals. Patience is the key. Don’t push your body by going on extreme diets and don’t punish yourself with d-motivation when you don’t meet your high expectation. Weight loss is a gradual process. Set some achievable goals and keep going.

Subtract stress

Stress can trigger eating and cravings. Emotional eating is a term coined to define this. It basically means eating so that you can feel better. D-stress yourself a bit and meditate. This can help in so many numerous ways, you can’t even imagine. It sounds cheesy but repeats some motivational mantras out loud to yourself, to keep you boosted. Do some yoga and deep breathing. Within weeks you will find visible changes in your body behavior and you’ll find yourself much closer to your weight loss goals. This is a great way to lose weight naturally.

Sleep a lot

Poor sleep is one of the strongest risks for weight gain, so taking care of sleep is quite important. Get a good night’s sleep, every night. Losing sleep increases stress and insulin content in the body and as you stay exhausted, your body would not be burning calories. So, if you want to shave off some pounds rest properly for at least 6 hours- 8 hours and you can expect some weight loss naturally.

Motivation is what will get you started but your habit is what will keep you going. Weight loss methods work differently on different bodies. But once you keep up the habit and make small changes in your lifestyle to accommodate your weight-loss strategy you will definitely see positive results.

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