‘Husband remarried without divorce, then no one said anything’, pain of ‘Har Har Shambhu’ singer Farman Naaz

The husband remarried without divorce Scholars were worried about the popularity of the Indian idol, who sang ‘Har Har Shambu’. Tasbih was said against Shariat. In such a situation, she said that the husband got married without divorce, no one said anything about it.

Blackness transcends borders, castes and religions. All artists of the country have appreciated his work. His honor is given to him. These days the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’ is becoming increasingly popular on social media. Fame Naaz has also sung it and shared it on her YouTube channel. This created a controversy for these singers in Muzaffarnagar, UP. According to the scholars of Deoband, Farmani Naz’s ‘Har Har Shambu’ anthem violates Sharia law. ‘Aaj Tak’ studio hosted Farman Naaz today. This issue was discussed in depth by him.

When Langar was asked about the objection of the scholars, Farman Naz replied that he is an artist and sings all kinds of songs. This month is Saawan, so he uploaded ‘Har Har Shambu’ on his YouTube channel. Coming home did not stop her from singing. It’s just that some people make such comments on social media.

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Further, Fermanani was asked why she is being targeted, because she is a woman or because she is Fermanani Naz. Farmani replied that he did not know but today girls are self-sufficient and living in society. His talent is what drives him. In such a case, there is no reason for anyone to worry. According to Farmani, she runs a devotional channel where devotional songs are sung. Radha has also sung Krishna’s songs.

Shubhankar asked where the idea of ​​singing bhajan came from. Farmani replied that when we do Qawwali, we sing hymns. The first hymn was Ghensham Teri Banshi. We have also sung many hymns together. Everyone in the village is happy with my singing. Let’s appreciate this song. Farmani also sang many bhajans and qawwalis during this period. Artistically, he is talented. Such a situation requires him to sing all kinds of songs.

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The songs I sing give me life as an artist.

“My voice is so good, that’s why I’m singing to the full of my talent.” Farmani said. We sing with dignity. I have never insulted any religion. A son was born after marriage in 2018. The son was sick. After that, the husband and in-laws left. Consequently, he had to work hard to survive. I had no choice. As a result, he started singing as an artist. Today I run a family by singing.

“My husband remarried without divorcing me,” Farmani said. No one has ever understood my grief over this issue. Currently, people object to raising my son by singing. Kemi’s songs are well received by the public. The government should take such steps that what happened to me should not happen to anyone else.

Mufti appreciated Farmani’s song. what he said?

According to Mufti Asad Qasmi, “In this regard, I would say that no song is appropriate in Islam within Sharia law”. Muslim singing is illegal. Any kind of songs should be avoided, they should be annoying. This song was sung by a lady named Fermani. Sharia prohibits this. It is illegal to sing such songs despite being a Muslim. A woman should avoid it.

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