Get Any Wifi Password With Real Method 2021

WPS App uses the WPS protocol to assess the security of your network.

This protocol allows you to join to a WiFi network using an 8-digit pin number that is normally pre-programmed in the router. The difficulty is that the pin of many routers from various manufacturers is known or can be calculated.

How to Use

These pins are used by this programme to test the connection and determine whether the network is susceptible. It includes various well-known pin creation techniques as well as some default pins. Also calculates the default key for some routers, displays WiFi passwords stored on the device, scans the devices connected to your network, and examines the WiFi channel quality.

When scanning networks around us, look for networks with a red cross; these are “secure” networks; the WPS protocol has been disabled, and the default password is unknown.

Those with a question mark have the WPS protocol enabled, but the pin is unknown; in this case, the programme allows you to try the most popular.

Finally, those who have a green tick are most likely susceptible, as they use the WPS protocol and know the connection pin. It’s also possible that WPS is deactivated on the router, but the password is known; in this instance, the password shows in green and may be linked to the key.

To read the passwords, connect on Android 9, and utilise certain extra features, you only need to be a Root user.


NOTICE: Not all networks are susceptible, and the fact that one looks to be does not mean it is. Several businesses have upgraded their router firmware to fix the problem.

Do you want to know if the WPS protocol is susceptible to your Wireless Access Point?

You may use this software to test a WPS PIN connection to a Wi-Fi Access Point.
PINs are generated using a variety of methods based on the MAC address, and other PINs are stored in a local database for numerous Access Points.
Fortunately, the WPS protocol only affects a tiny percentage of wireless access points.

If you discover that your Access Point is using the WPS protocol, we recommend that you disable it.
The app’s objective is educational, informing clients about the vulnerability of their own Access Point.

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