Film actress Sonakshi Sinha’s difficulties are not reducing, the next hearing will be held on September 3

The problems of actress Sonakshi Sinha, accused in the fraud case, are increasing. His case could not be heard on Saturday. The hearing was adjourned due to the stoppage of work in the court.

The fraud case against five people, including the actress, dates back three years. Pramod Sharma, a resident of Shivpuri, Moradabad, had registered a case against Sonakshi Sinha and Mushir etc. at the Katghar police station on 22-Feb-19.

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After lengthy legal proceedings, the court issued non-appearance warrants for the accused. In this regard, actress Sonakshi Sinha made a comment against the event manager while holding a press conference. After the comment went viral, the plaintiff filed a defamation lawsuit. Both cases are pending in different courts. Counsel for the plaintiff PK Goswami said that the matter could not be heard on Saturday due to the suspension of work in the courts due to bereavement. The hearing of the fraud and defamation case is ongoing in the ACJM Court.

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