Do you know why drinking glasses are kept in hotel bathrooms? Know 5 such interesting facts.

Do you know why drinking glasses are kept in hotel bathrooms? Know 5 such interesting facts. : You must have seen in hotel rooms that drinking glasses are kept in the bathroom as well. Do you know why this happens?

Often we want to go to the most expensive hotel and enjoy room service. Sleeping on the soft beds, ordering room service, using the bathtub, etc. sounds great, but have you ever thought that what you see in hotel rooms is not necessary.

Earlier we have given you many information about hotel rooms, like why hotels don’t have 13th floor, why hotel rooms always have white bed sheets, why always check glass in hotel rooms. Must go etc. Today in this episode we are going to tell you some facts about what is in hotel rooms. You may already know about them, but you may not be aware of them.

Why are water glasses kept in hotel room bathrooms?

No, they are not meant to be used as drinking or mugs, but to hold things for your daily needs. You can keep your things that need to be kept clean like toothbrush, toothpaste, razor for shaving etc. They are supposedly cleaned, but if you see fingerprints or anything suspicious, wash them first because hotel glasses can be one of the dirtiest things out there. , (Learn why always check in at a hotel room.

You may have bed bugs.

The problem of bed bugs is very annoying and what if one already has bed bugs? A report shows that even the most expensive hotels in New York have increased by 300 percent in one year. It is not necessary that if the bed looks clean it should not have bugs. Bed bugs can be all possibilities. In such a situation, use the bed with a little caution.

A hotel bathtub is one of the dirtiest places.

If we were to make a list of the five dirtiest places in a hotel, the bathtub would definitely be there. According to a list from Texas A&M University, 95 percent of hotel bathtubs and jacuzzis were found to contain human germs, and 81 percent contained disease-causing fungi, as well as many other types of bacteria that cause a variety of illnesses. can cause That’s why it’s important to do a little research before using a bathtub.

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Restaurant meals may be cheaper than in-room minibars.

If you’re on a budget and want to use the minibar, don’t. Stocked items in hotel minibars can be very expensive. Research shows that minibar items can be up to 400% more expensive in some hotels. So it is better to leave the minibar as it is.

Hotel pillows aren’t cheap.

When talking about hotels, it is always thought that they might be cheap, but they are not. Choosing the pillows available in hotel rooms takes a lot of time and hoteliers always use the same brand of pillows. If they had to be replaced, all the pillows in the entire hotel would be replaced at once.

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