Chahat Khanna was stunned on the issue of divorce, called Arfi Javed ‘classless’.

Chahat Khanna was stunned on the issue of divorce, called Arfi Javed ‘classless’. Chahat Khanna alias Javed fight: The fight between Chahat Khanna and alias Javed is not over. Both are busy targeting each other. The desire arose only on the issue of double talaq.

Chahat Khanna called Arfi Javed classless:

A virtual cat fight is going on between popular TV actress Chahat Khanna and social media sensation Arfi Javed. Chahat started it off by making a scathing comment on Arfi’s outfit. How could Arfi keep quiet now? He is adept at giving appropriate answers. In such a situation, he ridiculed Chahat and reached his ‘double divorce’. Don’t ask again. Chahat trembled at the talk of divorce. He has now hit back at the nickname, calling it ‘classless’. Let’s explain what Chahat said in his defense and targeting the nickname.

Chahat wrote on Instagram, “I don’t need to be involved in this kind of drama but I want to tell my followers that some people talk too much and some bark too much, but what do I do? They know that.” How hard is it? it is. I have worked to be here. This lifestyle is not built on living expenses. Please check the record before speaking. I have not taken a single penny from anyone.”

Chahat went on to write, “I know my divorce is a very easy subject to target. Everyone knows about it, but ‘class’ people never do. I am ‘classless’. Not even expecting any segment from people or any segment. ‘Paid Media’. And write whatever you want.

Chahat made this comment on Arfi’s dress.

Chahat posted a picture of Arfi in a yellow transparent dress and wrote who goes out wearing such clothes. At the same time, the media was also targeted by saying that if someone takes off his clothes, the media will make him a celebrity?

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The nickname reminds Chahat of their divorce.

Taking a screenshot of Chahat Khanna’s comment, Arfi Javed wrote, ‘At least I don’t buy followers. I wore this outfit for an interview, which has nothing to do with you. give money If someone does something on earth, you have nothing to do with him. Look, I have given you two divorces and you are currently dating a young man, don’t judge him, so why are you doing me?

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