31 billion rupees came into the account of the brick kiln worker.

31 billion rupees came into the account of the worker working at the brick kiln The bank is checking how much money was deposited in the worker’s account. Bank of India is a workers’ bank.

A worker working at a brick kiln in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanauj got billions of rupees. Billions of rupees were deposited in the worker’s account twice. Now the worker’s account is also empty of money. 31 billion 7 crore 49 lakh 45 thousand 625 rupees in a bank account of the employee. The news of the money coming into the worker’s account spread quickly in the village, creating a frenzy among the neighbors.

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When the worker went to withdraw the money from the bank, he came to know about the amount. A worker told local media that someone had deposited the money into his account and the matter was being investigated. Meanwhile, the bank is saying that the mistake was theirs and is investigating how it happened. The worker’s bank account is in Bank of India.

The case is of Kamalpur village of Chibramau area of ​​Kanauj district. Bihari Lal, a resident of Kamalpur village, works as a laborer at a brick kiln. The bank employee was also stunned to see the details of the employee’s account. At first he couldn’t read the whole amount correctly.

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Also, the employee’s bank account has been sealed, and his account now has only Rs 126. Apparently it is a technical glitch but the bank is investigating it. How this happened is under investigation.

Daily Bhaskar quoted the laborer’s wife as saying, “When I came to know about the money, I thought I should build a good house. Marry my daughter. Let my son do some work. But this dream was shattered the next day. They have 5 daughters and 2 sons, the eldest son does nothing.

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