Zong Other Network Call Packages

Zong Pakistan is among the well-known mobile service providers in Pakistan. It is named finest telecom company in Pakistan for its high quality and low price services. more than 25 million cell phone customers are the members of the family of this mobile service providers company. It is likely one of the quickly rising mobile company with 4G community. Zong Pakistan offers very best quality services to its customers with respect to different operating mobile companies within the country. We are here to shed some light on Zong Other Network Call Packages.

It presents very low charges Call, SMS and Data packages with an enormous range of coverage. Right here is a good information for Zong customers who’re on the lookout for Zong other network call packages/offers. This best cellular company presents following finest call packages to its customers for other networks.

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ZONG Other Network Call Packages


Zong Weekly Call Packages for All Network

Zong is providing splendid packages for all networks on weekly basis. You can select your desired package by dialing the codes given against each package. These packages are subject to change.

Package NameMinutesSMS / InternetPriceCode
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package500 On net 40 Off net500 SMS & 500 MBsRs. 120/-*7#
Zong Haftawaar Load Offer3000 on net 80 off net3000 SMS & 3000 MBsRs. 250 (Recharge) *70#
Zong All in One Weekly Bundle1,000 on net 40 Off net1,000 SMS 1,000 MB Rs. 200.00 (recharge required)*6464# > 4 > 1 > 2
Zong Apna Shehr Punjab Offer150 Mins [all networks]6GB InternetRs 160+Tax*2222#
Zong Karachi Offer (only for Karachi based Users)5000 on net 75 off net5000 SMS 5GB InternetRs 175+Tax*54#
Sindh Offer5000 on net 75 off net5000 SMS 5GB InternetRs 175+Tax*54#

Zong 15 Days Call Packages for Other Networks

Zong is offering call packages for Zong to Zong and Zong to other networks on 15 days basis. We have updated the list and all packages are up to date.

Package NameMinutesSMS / InternetPriceCode
Zong Combo Pack50 all Network3,000 MBsRs. 200+Tax*15#

Zong Monthly Call Packages for All Networks

Zong is exclusively providing various packages for calls to Zong to Telenor, Zong to Ufone, Zong to Jazz and Zong to Warid. These packages are different free resources and priced according to quantity. The full detail is as below:-

Package NameMinutesSMS / InternetPriceCode
Zong Super Card Offer2,500 on net 150 off net2,500 SMS 2 GB Internet 2 GB Whatsapp 2 GB YoutubeRs 650*50#
Shandaar Mahana Offer1000 on net 100 off net1000 sms & 1000 MB InternetRs 300+Tax *1000#
Zong Supreme Offer5,000 on net 300 off net5,000 SMS 5 GB Internet 4 GB Whatsapp 2 GB YoutubeRs 1000*3030# Or *6464*4#
Zong Supreme Plus (New)10,000 on net 600 off net10,000 SMS 10 GB Internet 4 GB WhatsappRs 1,732*1500# Or *6464*4#

ZONG New Sim Offer

Here is best Zong other network call package. You just need to get a new Zong SIM or join Zong family from other network and enjoy Zong New Sim Offer  with free off-net minutes along with other add-ons provided by Zong.

 Price Free
 On-Net Minutes
 Off-Net Minutes
 Data 2000MB
 Validity 3 Days
 Sub. code  Dail *10#

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package

This is another amazing Zong other network call package through which you can get 1000 Zong to Zong free minutes, 50 Other network free minutes, 1000 SMS and 350 MBs of internet data in just Rs. 75/- only for 7 days. So get hurry and subscribe this amazing Zong Shandaar Weekly package.

 Price  Rs. 120.00 + Tax
 On-Net Minutes 500
 Off-Net Minutes 40
 Sms 500
 Data 500MB
 Validity 7 Days
 Sub. code  Dail *7#

ZONG Weekly All in One Bundle

This offer is for 7 days in just Rs. 150/-. Subscribe to get 40 other network call free minutes from Zong. This offer may be auto-renew so you must unsubscribe if you don’t want to continue with this package.

 Price  Rs. 280.00 (recharge required)
 On-Net Minutes 2500
 Off-Net Minutes 80
 Sms 2500
 Data 2500MB
 Validity 7 Days
 Sub. code *6464# then select 4 and select 1
Or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464
To unsubscribe dial *6464#

ZONG Combo Pack

This one of the good Zong other network call packages named Zong Combo Pack is best for the Zong users who are looking for reasonable internet data along with some free minutes for other networks. With Zong Combo pack Zong offers 3000 MBs of data and 50 free minutes for all networks for 15 days.

 Price  Rs. 200.00 +Tax
All Network Minutes 50
 Off-Net Minutes
 Data 3000 MBs
 Validity 15 Days
 Sub. code *15#

ZONG Shandaar Monthly Package

As the name shows this Zong package is for 30 days in which you will be able to get 100 other network free minutes along with 1000 Zong to Zong free minutes, 1000 SMS and 1 GB of Internet Data in just Rs. 300/- (Excluding Tax). This is best package for the Zong users.

 Price  Rs. 300.00 Exc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 1000
 Off-Net Minutes 100
 Sms 1000
 Data 1 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code *1000#
To Unsub: SMS ‘Mahana’ to 7091

ZONG Super Card Offer

This is a monthly package from Zong that offers 150 other network call minutes in just Rs. 650/- (recharge required). This package also offers On-Net minutes, SMS and internet data. Details are as below:

 Price  Rs. 650.00 (Recharge required)
 On-Net Minutes 2500
 Off-Net Minutes 150
 Sms 2500
 Data 2.5 GB + 2 GB Whatsapp
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code *6464# > 4 > 2
To Unsub: *6464#

ZONG Supreme Package

Here is a good news for Zong users who are looking for huge volume of free minutes, SMS and internet data. Zong offers its amazing package Zong Supreme Package through which you can get 300 Zong other network free minutes. Details of this package are given below:

 Price  Rs.1000.00 (Recharge required)
 On-Net Minutes 5000
 Off-Net Minutes 300
 Sms 5000
 Data 5 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code *3030#
To Unsub: Send “unsub 750” to 6464

ZONG Supreme Plus Offer

With Zong Supreme Plus Package Zongs Customers are able to get more than 8000 on-net free minutes along with 600 other network free minutes and 8GB of data in just Rs.1155/- (Excluding tax). The complete details of one of the best Zong other network call packages are given below:

 Price  Rs. 2000.00 (Recharge Required)
 On-Net Minutes 10,000
 Off-Net Minutes 600
 Sms 10,000
 Data 10 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code *1500#

So, Valued Zong customers, These are the Zong packages with other network free minutes. If you have any opinion or suggestions please comment below. If you like our effort of providing quality information to our users please like our facebook page and share this post with your friends.

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