Women distanced themselves from their husbands in the case of children, 5 women said that they would not believe it.

Women distanced from husbands over child, 5 women said things they wouldn’t believe: There is no doubt that a girl’s life changes completely after becoming a mother. The reason for this is that while some couples get on well after the baby, due to lack of time, many people start growing apart, which has the biggest impact on their married life.

Being in a good married relationship is one of the happiest feeling in a couple’s life. This is because during this time they not only take on new responsibilities but also get a chance to understand each other. While some couples understand this responsibility and treat each other very sensibly in their relationship, many people’s lives change everything. This is even more so when one of the partners spends all their time raising their child.

During this time, not only their relationship begins to suffer, but they are also unable to feel the sexual connection in their relationship as before. Due to the lack of time, the physical closeness between them becomes negligible, due to which the distance between them starts to appear. Not only we are saying this but this experience has been shared by 5 women who believe that their life has changed a lot after the arrival of the baby.

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Amrita, 34, says that after the birth of her son, she was so busy raising him that she forgot who she was. I spent the whole day looking after my son. I thought every moment to make her day better.

I love him so much but after he came I was slowly losing myself. My husband didn’t like this at all, which led to frequent arguments between us. ‘When is the son getting married, the age is passing’, why the pressure on Indian girls to get married early?

We stopped going on dates.

31-year-old Megha says, ‘Until four years ago, my husband and I used to go on dates once or twice a week. But after the birth of the son, all this stopped completely. Now the state of our relationship is such that it has been several months since we not only went on a date but went to a fancy dinner. Our son is with us all the time. In this case, going on a date has become a very old thing now.

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