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How to Crack an Android Wi-Fi Password

This post will assist you if you want to improve your expertise and learn the strategies and methods for hacking Wi-Fi passwords using an Android handset. Many people are curious about how to steal Wi-Fi passwords on Android and whether or not it is doable. The simple answer is that you can use several tactics and tools to crack Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices (apps).

Before we get into the meat of our discussion, which is how to hack Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones, we’ll go over some background information on the various types of Wi-Fi password protection.

Wi-Fi Password Security Types

Wi-Fi password security may be divided into three categories. The following are the Wi-Fi security measures:

  • Privacy in a Wired Environment (WEP).
  • Protected Wi-Fi Access (WPA).
  • Protected Wi-Fi Setup (WPS).

Privacy in a Wired Environment (WEP)

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Wi-Fi security is one of the most extensively utilised Wi-Fi security protocols in the world. However, this security is quite shoddy and unsecure. Airmon tools from Kali Linux and Aircrack may easily crack and exploit such Wi-Fi security.

Protected Wi-Fi Access (WPA)

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is an upgraded and updated version of the WEP Wi-Fi security standard. In the year 2003, this Wi-Fi security system was introduced. However, an American hacker discovered a serious weakness in WPA security keys. As a result, it has become quite simple to circumvent this Wi-Fi protection. Any Wi-Fi password with WPA security can be cracked using an Android smartphone.


Protected Wi-Fi Setup (WPS)

Finally, the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a Wi-Fi security system that is difficult to break. However, it has been discovered that this Wi-Fi security can be exploited in some circumstances, however this needs advanced hacking expertise. If someone employs WPS security, it may be tough to get through this barrier.


Method 1: Using WIFI WPS WPA TESTER to hack a Wi-Fi password in Android (without Rooting)

The Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER app is a popular Android tool for cracking Wi-Fi passwords. Only routers that connect to a WPS router with restricted functionality are hacked by the Wi-Fi WPS TESTER software. Hacking Wi-Fi with this programme is simple and just takes a few steps. The nicest aspect about this software is that you may use it without having to root your Android device. With some additional capabilities, you may also use this software on a rooted Android phone.


You can simply check the wireless security and strength of your router with this Android app. If your router isn’t secure, the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER software can simply circumvent your Android phone’s Wi-Fi password. It connects the Android phone to the network without requiring a password after bypassing the password.

How to Crack an Android Wi-Fi Password

Both rooted and non-rooted Android phones may use the Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER hacking applications. The procedures to crack a Wi-Fi password on an Android device without rooting are outlined below.

  • From the Play Store, download and install the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER app.
  • On your Android phone, enable the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Start the app and look for Wi-Fi networks in your area.
  • Choose one of the networks from the list and begin hacking with a single tap.
  • You can manually enter the key.

The programme examines the Wi-Fi security and attempts various word and number combinations to crack the Wi-Fi password. The software quickly locates the network code and immediately connects your phone.

Method 2: Using the AndroDumper App APK to hack a Wi-Fi password on an Android device (without Rooting)

Another popular programme for cracking Wi-Fi passwords on Android phones is AndroDumper. To steal Wi-Fi credentials, this app is used on a non-rooted smartphone. To use this app to steal Wi-Fi passwords on Android, follow the procedures listed below.

How to Crack an Android Wi-Fi Password

On your Android phone, download and install the AndroDumper software.

Turn on your Android device’s Wi-Fi settings.

To search for and obtain neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, open the AndroDumper app and press the refresh button at the top of the screen.

Select the network you want to hack and connect to with a tap.

Now the programme will attempt every conceivable combination of alphabets and numbers to connect to your selected network. If the specified network’s Wi-Fi password is weak, this programme may be able to hack it.


Method 3: Using a WPA2 WPS Router with an Android handset to crack a Wi-Fi password (Root device)

The Bcmon and Reaver Android apps will be used in this method of cracking Wi-Fi passwords on Android. If you haven’t tried to root your Android phone yet, you’ll need one first. Make sure your root Android phone has a Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 chipset, which may be found in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S1/S2, HTC Desire HD, Nexus 7, Nexus 1, and others.

On your Android phone, download and install the BCmon app APK file. This programme aids in the monitoring of your Broadcom chipset as well as the breaking of PIN codes.

Now you may download and install the Reaver Android software, which will help you figure out and crack the WPS Wi-Fi network password.

Launch the BCmon app after it has been installed and select the “monitor mode” option.

Relaunch the Reaver app and affirm that you are not using it for any unlawful purposes on the screen. Continue with the Wi-Fi password by tapping on the APN or access point you wish to break. You may need to confirm your monitor mode to proceed, which you may do by closing and restarting the BCmon app.

In the Reaver app, go to settings and tick the “Automatic Advanced Setting” box.

Finally, click the commence assault button to begin your Wi-Fi cracking procedure; cracking the WPS Wi-Fi security may take 2-10 hours in this final phase.

Method 4: Using the Wi-Fi WPS Connect app on Android to crack a Wi-Fi password (Root device)

On Android, you can hack Wi-Fi passwords with the Wi-Fi WPS Connect app. The app is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted (Lollipop and above) devices. However, because of the database information, it is mostly recommended for rooted devices.

If you find a Wi-Fi network with WPS security on your Android device, you can connect to it without giving a password. The WPS Connect app connects to Wi-Fi without inputting a password, bypassing WPS Wi-Fi security.

How to Crack an Android Wi-Fi Password

The procedures to steal a Wi-Fi password and connect your Android phone with this software are as follows:

  • On your Android phone, download and install the Wi-Fi WPS Connect app.
  • Activate your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • To scan all neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, open the WPS Connect app and hit the scan button.
  • It takes a few seconds for all neighbouring Wi-Fi networks to be shown, along with their information (such as password security types, network types, signal strength, etc.).
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network you want to hack and touch on it. A pop-up window with a pre-defined set of keys displays (PIN).
  • To begin the hacking procedure, press the key.
  • The programme tries to hack Wi-Fi numerous times using default keys and the most commonly used Wi-Fi keys.
  • After a few minutes, the Wi-Fi password will be successfully cracked.

Method 5: Using WPSAPP to hack a Wi-Fi password in Android

WPSAPP is an all-in-one programme that uses an 8-digit PIN to connect to adjacent Wi-Fi networks. The WPSAPP software enables hacking Wi-Fi passwords easier and more comfortable on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. It uses a variety of techniques to generate random pins as well as some preset pins. You can quickly and easily hack any WEP Wi-Fi network with this programme.

The red cross, question marks, and green check marks display as you scan for networks. The networks of the Red Cross are safe, and their password is unknown. WPS protocol is enabled on the networks with question marks, their pin is unknown, and the programme lets you to test them using a common pin. Finally, the green ticks networks use the WPS protocol and have a password, allowing them to be connected.


How to Crack an Android Wi-Fi Password

The ways to steal Wi-Fi passwords on Android using this software are listed below.

  • On your Android phone, download and install the WPSAPP app.
  • Now launch the app and look for Wi-Fi networks in your area.
  • To join to a WEP network that has been enabled, click on it.
  • When you press the “CONNECT WITH PIN” button, the software shows your network password after a few seconds.

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