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What to do if the national flag explodes?Prime Minister Modi has appealed to hoist the tricolor in every house from August 13 to 15. In addition, he encouraged social media users to add the tricolor to their profile pictures by August 2. The government has targeted 20 crore households for this scheme. In this plan, the MCD has given guidelines on what to do if the tricolor is damaged.

Under the ‘Har Ghar Taranga’ campaign, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has directed all circle offices to dispose of the national flag properly.

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A soiled, torn or damaged National Flag shall be deposited in the Zonal Control Room. Under the Flag Code-2002, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India shall dispose of soiled and damaged national flags.

According to a senior officer, the Delhi Municipal Corporation attaches great importance and respect to the tricolor. According to the Flag Code, all Regional Offices are directed not to carelessly throw or discard damaged or soiled flags but to dispose of them respectfully. I am going.

What is the ‘Har Ghar Taranga’ campaign?

Prime Minister Modi in his Man Ki Baat appealed to hoist the tricolor in every house of the country from August 13 to 15. He also appealed to social media users to put tricolor in their profile photos starting from August 2. 20 crore houses for this scheme.
Government and private institutions will also be involved in this scheme. Preparations are being made vigorously by the administration. Nodal officers have also been appointed for this.

The central government has created three types of flags for this purpose. Tricolor will be available online as well as post office.

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