Watch: Mashal Khan, Hammad Shoaib ace dance moves to ‘Habibi’ beat


Mashal Khan is a famous actress, model, and painter from Pakistan showbiz industry. She is a very young and talented girl who was born in 1997 and started her career in modeling and continues it in the drama. She performed the role of Kinza which was too much admired by the audience and they wanted to see this girl on their screens in more projects.

Mashal Khan belongs to Karachi and completed her education at Mc Gill University. She has two sisters Noor Khan and Armina Khan who are also considered as fashion icons on Pakistani social media. She performed lead roles in “Sisters In Arms”, “Bridge” and “Ajnabi”. Her recent blockbuster performance was in the most hit drama “Suno Chanda”. She is a hard-working girl and always tries to do her best for the audience.

Like Ali Ansari, Mashal Khan is also free to do everything she likes. Recently she uploaded a dance video with Hammad Shoaib on a viral song Habibi. Their dance moves look so good and the chemistry seems to be perfect. Have a look at the cute video.

Mashal Khan was engaged to Ali Ansari who is also a famous actor. They share the relation from 2017 to 2020. For three years they were together as partners and best friends but the relationship ended in 2020 and the reason is unknown. Ali Ansari is recently married to Saboor Aly who is more popular and active than Mashal Khan. The public says that their relationship ended because of Saboor Aly, otherwise they both were perfect for each other.

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