Ufone Other Network Call Packages

Are you searching for Ufone other network call packages/ offers? Ufone is a brand name of PTCL Pakistan. It is a cellular service provider company with 3G network. Ufone is one of the rapidly growing telecom company which has a vast range of customers all over the country. More than 100 million subscribers are the part of Ufone family. Ufone is best known for its high quality and lowest price services.

If you are a Ufone subscriber and want to call your friends, family and business customer who have other network’s subscriber. Don’t worry, Ufone offers different other network call packages at the extremely low price. Here are complete details of Ufone other/all network call packages/offers.

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Ufone other network call packages

Ufone Super Recharge Package

An amazing offer from Ufone. Every time you need to recharge your Ufone Connection just dial *300# before recharging. You will be able to get 10 Ufone other network free minutes along with 300 On-net free minutes, 300 SMS and 100 Mbs of internet data. Remember, the minimum load amount is Rs. 43/- to subscribe to this service.

 Price  Rs. 43.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 300
 Off-Net Minutes 10
 Sms 300
 Data 100 MBs
 Validity 1 Days
 Sub. code  Dail *300#

Ufone Super Minutes Package

This Ufone other network call package is for the users who have contacts with other telecom companies networks. So, With this Ufone offer, you can get 75 off-net free minutes in just Rs. 100/- for 7 days. See the details below:

 Price  Rs. 100.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 0
 Off-Net Minutes 75
 Sms 0
 Data 0 MBs
 Validity 7 Days
 Sub. code  Ask your retailer to activate this offer.

Ufone Mini Super Card Call Package

This offer from Ufone is for those who want to use some extra resources throughout the month. Just load Ufone Super Mini Card and get Following add-ons. No doubt, this is also a best Ufone other network call package.

 Price  Rs. 299.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 500
 Off-Net Minutes 75
 Sms 500
 Data 300 MBs
 Validity 15 Days
 Sub. code  Load Ufone Super Mini card of Rs. 299/-

Ufone Super Card Offer

Another one of the best Ufone other network call packages. Just load Ufone Super card of Rs. 520/- to your SIM and get 150 Other network free minutes with amazing Ufone on-net resources. To subscribe please see the following details:

 Price  Rs. 520.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 1000
 Off-Net Minutes 150
 Sms 1000
 Data 1 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code  Load Ufone Super card of Rs. 520/-

Ufone Super Card Plus

With this Ufone offer for all networks, you can get 180 Other Network Free Minutes. Just load Ufone Super Card plus of Rs. 599/- and enjoy for 1 Month.

 Price  Rs. 599.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes 1200
 Off-Net Minutes 180
 Sms 1200
 Data 1.2 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code  Load Ufone Super Plus card of Rs. 599/-

Ufone Super Card Gold

With this Ufone package for all networks, you can get 300 Other Network Free Minutes. Just load Ufone Super Card plus of Rs. 999/- and enjoy for 1 Month.

Ufone Gold Card
 Price  Rs. 999.00 Inc. Tax
 On-Net Minutes unlimited
 Off-Net Minutes 300
 Sms unlimited
 Data 7 GB
 Validity 30 Days
 Sub. code  Load Ufone Super Plus card of Rs. 999/-

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