The rhinoceros was walking in the forest, the lion tried to tease, suddenly the rhinoceros flipped over, what happened next, you can’t even imagine.

The rhinoceros was roaming in the forest – There is a rumor going around on social media that a lion teases a rhinoceros (lion teases a rhinoceros) and then runs away. Wildlife videos on the Internet can be breathtaking, but they can also be shocking. A lion has been shown on social media teasing a rhinoceros and then running away.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Sushant Nanda shared a video on Twitter showing two rhinos chewing grass. Behind their backs, two lions can be seen from behind. Although scared, a lion approaches the rhinoceros from behind and tries to tease it. The lion quickly runs away from the rhinoceros before it turns. “For dialing a wrong number,” the IFS officer sarcastically wrote in the caption.

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The video has been viewed over 40,000 times since it was posted and users are also leaving funny comments. According to a user, dialing the wrong number can be dangerous.

This is not the first time an IFS officer has shared some breathtaking jungle scenes with us. Earlier, he shared a video of two tigers playing at the MP Tiger Foundation. The clip shows tigers rolling on top of each other on the forest floor. “Watch these siblings play in the loop,” the official wrote in the caption.

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