Telenor Call Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor is one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. This company has more than 30 million subscribers in Pakistan. Telenor is very famous for its low price call packages. This article includes, telenor weekly call packages, telenor monthly call packages and telenor daily call packages.  Here is a complete detail of all Telenor call packages.

Telenor Whatsapp package

Telenor Call Packages Daily

Telenor is offering various daily call packages for its users. With telenor daily call packages yoy can enjoy your favorite call package in less charges than other networks.

Package NameFree MinutesOther IncentivesPrice (Incl of Tax)Sub Codes
Full Day OfferUnlimited on-net call50 MBs data + 100 MBs WhatsAppRs. 13 incl. tax*5*250#
Super Load Offer by Telenor20 all Network minutes (on load of 100)-Rs. 0.8 incl. tax*5*100# before easyload
Telenor Good Time OfferUnlimited for 2 hours250 MB data for FacebookRs. 6/- (Incl tax)*345*20#
  • Full Day Offer.
  • Telenor Good Time Offer.
  • Din Bhar Offer
  • Telenor 2 Paisa Offer
  • Super Load Offer Telenor.
  • 24 Hours Poora Pakistan Offer.
  • Djuice Daily Hybrid Bundle.
  • Djuice Team Offer.

Full Day Offer

This is the most flexible call Package from Telenor for users who want a limited call package. Check the complete details about call package below.

Charges Rs. 15.50
Free Minutes Unlimited (On-Net)
Internet 75 MB
Validity 24 hours
sub. *5*250#

Telenor Good Time Offer

The best package for hourly basis. Get unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours. This package can be change subject to tax applicable by Govt of Pakistan.

Charges Rs.7.00
Minutes Unlimited for 2 hours except 6 PM to 9 PM(On-Net) 
Data 250 MB (Facebook only)
Valid for 1 Day
subscribe *345*20#

Din Bhar Offer

Another one of the best daily Telenor call packages. Get Unlimited on-net minutes for 12AM-7PM. A low price Telenor call package you can subscribe. Din Bhar Offer includes on-net minutes for telenor customers from 12 AM to 7PM. This offer is valid for 24 hours.

Charges Rs. 8 inc. Tax
Minutes offers Unlimited 12 AM to 7 PM (On-Net)
Internet/Data 20 MB
Valid till 24 hours
sub. code *5*727#

Telenor 2 Paisa Daily

This is the low price call rates offer from Telenor. The best call package for its subscribers to make the calls at a very low price.

Charges Rs. 0.02/sec + Tax
Minutes Unlimited (On-Net)
Validity 1 Day
subscription *020#

Telenor Superload Offer

In this Telenor call package/offer you can get 20 free minutes to all networks every time you recharge your number with Rs. 100 or more. Before recharging your SIM just dial *5*100# and enjoy the best Telenor call offer.

Charges Rs. 0.80/call + Tax
Minutes 20 (All networks)
Validity 1 Day
code for sub. *5*100# (Dial before recharge)

24 hours poora Pakistan Offer/call Package

An amazing call offer package by Telenor through which you can make unlimited Telenor to Telenor calls for 24 hours or 1 day.

Charges 16.73
Minutes: 75(on-net)
Validity: 1 Day
subscribe *345*2#

Djuice Daily Hybrid Bundle

For the djuice customers here is an amazing call package offered by Telenor. Daily Hybrid Bundle gives you 50 Telenor minutes in just Rs. 10.

Price 10
Minutes 50(on-net)
Validity 1 Day
subscribed through *345*700# 

Djuice Team Offer

Stay connected with this cool offer by Telenor Djuice. Get Unlimited free calls to Djuice and FnF numbers. In this call offer/package, you will only charge for the first call and rest of the calls will be free.

Charges 6 + Tax (first call)
Minutes Free djuice and FnF calls
Internet Free Twitter, Facebook, line and Instagram
Validity 1 Day
subscribe *345*11# 

Telenor call packages/offers 3 Days

Telenor Pakistan also offers its customers some best call package for 3 days subscription. These packages are best for the users who want limited call offers/ packages. Enjoy the best 3 days call offers from Telenor.

  • Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer.
  • 3 Day Din Bhar Offer.
  • 3 Days Super Hit Offer.
Package NameOn-net MinutesOther IncentivesPrice (Incl of Tax)Sub Codes
3 by 3 Offer600 minutes300 SMS & 50 MB DataRs. 50/- (Incl tax)*345*243#
3 Day Sahulat Offer 25050 off-net minutes, 50 MB Internet & 100 MB data for Whatsapp, Twitter & FacebookRs. 52 incl. tax*5*3#
3 Day Plus PackageUnlimited for 2 hoursOffnet 25 Minutes, Internet 300MB, SMS 300Rs. 65 incl. tax*345*91#

3 Din Sahulat Offer

Telenor offers a cool and cool call package with 250 On-net minutes along with 25 off-net minutes, 250 SMS and some reasonable amount of internet data in 3 Din Sahulat offer. Find the complete details below.

Charges Rs. 52/-
Minutes 250 (On-net) + 25 (Off-net)
SMS 250
Internet 50 MB + 100 MB for Social media
Validity 3 Day
subscribe *5*3# 

3 Day Din Bhar Offer

Here is another best call offer/package from Telenor for the customers who are looking for 3 days offer. Check out the details below for this one of the best Telenor call packages.

Charges: Rs.24.50
Free Min. 6 Am to 6 PM free calls (On-net)
Validity 3 Days
subscribe *345*626# 

3 Day Super hit Offer

With Telenor Super hit offer/call package make unlimited call to your family and friends for 3 days. We recommend to Telenor subscribers this amazing Telenor Call Package.

Charges 34 
Minutes Free calls expect 7 AM to 10 PM(On-net)
Valid for 3 Days
subscribed by  Dial *345*299# 

Telenor Weekly Call Packages/Offers

Pakistan’s biggest cellular service provider Telenor offers its customers a number of variety call packages from which Weekly call packages are very famous among its users due to the low price and high add-ons. Here we are listing best Telenor 7 days call packages.

  • Telenor Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer.
  • Haftawaar Sahulat Offer
  • Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer.
  • 7 Days Mini Budget Package
Package NameOn-net MinutesOther IncentivesPrice (Incl of Tax)Sub Codes
Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card5000Offnet 80 minutes, Internet 20GB (Incl. 10GB 1AM - 11AM), SMS 5000Rs. 265 incl. tax*003#
Mega Weekly Easy Card2000Offnet 70 minutes, Internet 10GB (Incl. 5GB 1AM - 11AM), SMS 2000Rs. 222 incl. tax*001#
Haftawaar Sahulaat Offer1000Offnet 70 Minutes, Internet 100 MB+350 MB for WhatsApp, FB & Twitter, 700 SMSRs. 115 incl. tax*5*7#
Sahulat Mini Offer20020 offnet minutes, 100 MB data +200 MB for WhatsApp, FB & TwitterRs. 75/- (Incl tax)dial 170
Telenor Weekly Easycard Offer1000 50 offnet minutes, 1500 MB DataRs. 130/- (Incl tax)*963#
Weekly Easycard Plus Offer1500 60 offnet minutes, 3 GB DataRs. 75/- (Incl tax)*175#
Weekly Chappar Phaar OfferUnlimitedInternet 70 MB + 350 Social MBRs. 90 incl. tax*5*700#

Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer

This amazing Telenor call package is for weekly use and users can subscribe to this offer through Telenor website or My Telenor App.

Charges 59.75
Min. Free 2000 (on-net)
Data 70MB
Valid for 7 Day
subscribe through Web and My Telenor App 

Haftawar Sahulat Offer

Go and subscribe to this one of the stunning Telenor weekly call packages. In this amazing call package, you can get a huge amount of free minutes for tension-free calls.

Price 115/-
Minutes 1000 (On-net) + 70 (Off-net)
Messages 700
Internet 100 MB + 350 MB for Social media
Valid 7 Days
Code *5*7# 

Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer

Amazing call package to hassle-free calls for a week offered by Telenor.

Price 4.78  + tax
Calls 2 paisa/sec. for All network
Dial *345*227#

Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package

Get some amazing add-ons with Telenor Mini Budget Package for 7 days. The details are as below.

Price 86
Minutes 500 (On-net) 
Messages  1000
Internet 50 MB 
Valid Week
Code  *345*247#

Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package

Through EasyCard offer by Telenor get some amazing Free Minutes, Messages and Internet for the whole week. Ask your nearest retailer to recharge an EasyCard of Rs. 350 or get the card and load it to your number for this best Telenor call packages for 7 days.

Price 170
Minutes 500 (On-net) + 50 off-net 
Messages  500
Internet 750 MB 
Validity Weekly
Code  *555*<14 digit card No.># or Ask nearest Telenor retailer

Telenor Monthly Call packages

Here is a good news for Telenor Network subscribers, your most liked cellular company is provided some amazing call packages on monthly basis. Subscribe on of the following Telenor Monthly Call packages and get yourself tension free to recharge again and again. See the complete details below to choose your desired Telenor call packages for 30 days.

  • Easycard 450.
  • Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package.
  • Telenor Easy Card 800.
  • Telenor Easy Card 600.
Package NameOn-net MinutesOther IncentivesPrice (Incl of Tax)Sub Codes
Monthly Easycard 450500Offnet 50 minutes, Internet 1 GB + 2 GB WhatsApp, SMS 500Rs. 450/- (Incl tax)*350#
Monthly Easy Card 6003000Offnet 150 minutes, Internet 6GB+6GB (1am-11am), SMS 3000.Rs. 530/- (Incl tax)*530#
Monthly Easy Card 8005000Offnet 300 Minutes, Internet 9GB+9GB(1am-11am), 5000 SMS.Rs. 800/- (Incl tax)*80#
Mahana Sahulat Offer30010 Offnet mins, 3GB for WhatsAppRs. 70 incl. taxContact retailer

Telenor Easy Card 450

This is the best Telenor call package at the low price for the whole month. Telenor is introducing best offers for its customers and Telenor Easy card is one of examples. With all kind of incentive in a single package, this is booming in market nowadays.

Price 450
Minutes 500 (On-net) + 50 off-net 
Messages  500
Internet 500 MB 
Validity 30 Days
Code  *555*<14 digit card No.># or Ask nearest Telenor retailer

Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package

This one of the best monthly Telenor Call Packages will take care of your all cellular needs for the whole month.

Price 418
Minutes 3000 (On-net)
Messages  3000
Internet 300 MB 
Validity 30 Days
Sub. Code  *345*30#

Telenor Easy Card 800

Telenor is offering 1500 telenor to telenor minutes and 150 telenor to other networks minutes for whole month in Rs. 600

Price Rs.600/-
Minutes 1500 (On-net)+ 150 Other Network
Messages  1500
Internet 1.5 GB
Valid for 30 Days
Sub. Code  *555*<14 digit code on card># or ask your nearest retailer.

Telenor Easy Card 800

We recommend Telenor users this monthly offer by Telenor. From all Telenor call packages for 30 days this is the best one. This is one of the best telenor monthly call packages.

Price Rs.800/-
Minutes 3000 (On-net)+ 300 Other NetworRk
Messages  3000
Internet 3 GB
Valid for 30 Days
Sub. Code  *555*<14 digit code on card># or ask your nearest retailer.

How to Get Detail of Packages?

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Note: Telenor hold the rights to change the price of any package. Telenor Pakistan has rights to alter or remove any package any time. In case of any complaint you can call telenor helpline. We are trying our level best to keep our valuable viewers updated with latest packages.

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