Sridevi’s sister competes with big actresses in terms of beauty.

Sridevi’s sister took on big actresses Sridevi is undoubtedly the most popular actress of Bollywood. He is no longer with us but his fans still remember many of his hit films.

People still love to watch his movies and listen to his songs. Few people know about Sridevi’s family because of her southern origin. We would like to introduce you to Sri Latha, the younger sister of Sridevi, who is very sweet, beautiful and her exact replica.

As a result of her popularity, Sridevi had to drop her studies to focus on her film career. At that time, his younger sister would often accompany him on the set and take care of him. Sridevi and Sri Lata had a very close relationship.

They were not only sisters but lived together as friends. Sri Latha has had a huge influence on Sridevi’s success. 1972-1993 Till then Sri Lata remained like a shadow with her sister. Her sister’s first song and dance video was also shot by Sri Latha.

After marriage, Sridevi felt very lonely without Sri Latha and she has spoken about it in several interviews. However, at the time of Sridevi’s death, Sri Latha was not seen which surprised everyone. Sri Latha’s husband attended a prayer meeting organized by Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor in Chennai.

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Sri Latha is in shock and does not want to approach the media to mourn her sister. Sri Latha lives in Chennai and stays away from the limelight.

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