Sotka period of solar eclipse is being felt on this big festival night, know time and date here.

Sotka period of solar eclipse is being felt on this big festival night, know the time and date here: Second Solar Eclipse 2022: Let’s know about the duration of solar eclipse on Deepavali day and auspicious time of Deepavali.

Solar Eclipse 2022: The second solar eclipse of this year is scheduled to take place on October 25. Diwali 2022, the festival of lights, will be celebrated just one day before that on October 24. In a way, the lunar eclipse will cast a shadow on this great festival as it will be a Sutak from its night. However, the second solar eclipse will not have the same effect in India as the first solar eclipse. We inform you that Mahani Sheth’s period also falls on Deepavali, which is considered auspicious for Tantra Puja. This period will run from 10:55 PM on October 24 to 1:53 AM on October 25. Apart from this, we also know about the time period of solar eclipse and the auspicious time of Deepavali.

Solar eclipse time and date

There will be a solar eclipse on the 25th. The solar eclipse will begin at 4:29 am and will last until 5:24 pm Indian time. However, this solar eclipse will not be valid in India. Therefore, its adverse effect will be negligible.

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Diwali date and good time

The auspicious time of Diwali will start on October 24 at 5:28 PM and will continue till October 25 at 4:18 PM.

Date and evening time of Pardosh fast

Let us tell you that Pardosh fast will also be observed on this day. Its pooja time is from 5.50 pm to 8.22 pm.

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