Shocking: Groom has crossed all limits, getting cursed for his disgusting gesture towards bride


Marriage tends to be an important and most awaited day of your life, what if it gets ruined by the hands of your own groom? What would be your feelings? Well even thinking about that we are getting furious and what about that girl whose day was ruined by her evil mischievous partner. Well to know all about this scenario let’s get into this article.

Viral videos surfacing on social media

Well, a video is making rounds on social media that has definitely raised our eyebrows and it’s definitely getting attention for all the wrong reasons. What made it more viral and how people are reacting to this video is quite interesting.

What’s shocking in this video?

The said video opens up with a beautiful scene, presenting a beautiful couple all set to cut their giant wedding cake. This huge cake is definitely getting all our attention but what happens next would be more shocking. This mischievous groom cuts the cake with his wife and then smashes this on her beautiful face.

Please watch the video before reading this article further and then do your analysis on this viral video. Click and see.

He Goes on smashing more and more

He definitely doesn’t care about the fall of his wife but keeps smashing this cake on her face. Keeps ruining her makeup and her big day.

Groom runs away

After getting contentment he stops and the bride tries to catch him but he runs away. That’s definitely not funny at all. If he had to do it then there could be a more better and more sophisticated way to do it than just smashing it on her cheeks.

Outrageous comments of people, suggesting to get divorce

People are bashing this insane man for this move. The bride is definitely becoming a victim and gathering sympathies. On the other hand, there are some of the people who are suggesting the bride to not to dare to stay with him. They are directly suggesting for divorce.

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