Shahid Afridi’s alluring moments with his daughter sweep the internet


Shahid Afridi is the most loved cricketer from Pakistan International cricket team. He belongs to the Afridi tribe from Pashtoon family and is a resident of Khyber agency Fata. In cricket, his name is boom-boom because of his aggressive batting and bowling. Afridi was married to his cousin Nadia and the couple is blessed with five adorable daughters. Sometimes he is asked about son by different anchors but he deliberately replied that there is no difference between son and daughter they all are blessings.

Shahid Afridi’s alluring moments with his daughter sweep the internet

Shahid Khan Afridi belongs to a sufi background where the women are not allowed to go in men’s gatherings or in front of camera. Afridi allowed his daughters to attend the matches but in a sophisticated way. His wife always wears an abaya and also his older daughters wear the same. The whole family looks adorable together in different pictures shared on social media.

Shahid Khan Afridi loves all of his daughters equally. Recently a video of father and daughter become viral on the internet in which Afridi’s youngest daughter ran towards her father after coming home. The scene look very lovely and she was looking adorable in Pakistani cultural green dress. She hug her father and spent some quality moments together. Afridi is very careful about his daughters and their reputation. He never allows anyone to talk or gossip about them.

Afridi’s way of living is very simple and according to the rules of Islam. They follow each and everything that is told by our religion. He also taught his daughters how to interact with other people and especially on social media. His older daughter Aqsa Afridi is also engaged to a man from an Afridi background and cricketer “Shaheen Afridi”. People react very positively to the video and pray for their daughter’s bright future. Have a video look!

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