Shahid Afridi speaks his heart out concerning his wish for having a son


Shahid Afridi aka Lala has definitely won millions of hearts since he joined Pakistani cricket team. His fan following is increasing with every passing day and we just can say that with surety that the place and importance Lala owns in our hearts it can’t be occupied by anyone else. His works for humanity and the betterment of underprivileged people are truly remarkable.

He considers himself the most blessed person because Allah SWT has blessed him with five daughters. It’s definitely a dilemma in our society that people still prefer having sons over daughters. Both genders have git their own importance but to taunt or show sympathy for those who only have daughters is truly not acceptable. Usually, women have to face severe pressure for giving birth to girls reportedly. This pressure sometimes leads to the destruction of the whole family.

Shahid Afridi recently has spoken his heart out about having a son. On asked about his wish he clearly mentioned that he’s the most blessed person to have five daughters. These daughters are truly the blessings of Allah SWT. He further added that Allah Almighty has blessed him with healthy and fit daughters and that’s what is more important rather than thinking about gender. Here’s the clip of his interview, check it out.

Being a Pathan he had to face some pressure but he didn’t turn his ears to this hearsay. We are truly impressed with Lala’s thoughts. He is truly blessed with amazing daughters. These daughters are always seen on the grounds supporting their father. A father-daughter relationship is beyond words. No words can do justice if we would start writing about this precious bond. May Allah SWT bless them with all the happiness and prosperity.

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