Sarah Khan’s daughter Alyana tries ‘Donuts’ for the first time


New mum in town Sarah Khan is continuing to star in heart-warming pictures and videos of daughter Alyana Falak with her fans. This cutest little angel keeps making our social media even more beautiful and extremely fascinating. Every single picture or video truly makes us feel like she resembles her mother a lot. Just not Sarah but Also Falak keeps sharing parenting duties with his fandom.

Probably they are the only couple who has got very less haters and criticism. Their overloaded cuteness and inspiring bond make people fall in love with them. Falak has emerged out to be the most ideal husband and every girl definitely would be longing for having one like him. His rose stories are mandatory and Sarah is truly lucky to have him in her life.

Since the birth of Alyana, this ravishing couple is extremely busy with her and If Falak goes out for concerts he would keep missing his lifelines, Sarah and Alyana. Recently Sarah Khan shared a very cutest video of Alyana Falak trying out donut for the first time. The video opens with Sarah Khan feeding her baby a donut and it’s probably the first time she’s having this. Here’s the video. Check it out now.

From Alayna’s expressions, it seems like she liked the taste and wants even more. How adorable they both are looking. Just look at the beautiful smile of Sarah Khan, Masah’Allah how contented and happy she’s looking. We are literally drooling over this munchkin and want to kiss her. Sarah and Falak Shabir are definitely happy to have this little girl in their lives. She has added more happiness and joy.

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