Optical Illusion: Human face is hidden in this bear picture, find it in 10 seconds if you are in power

A human face is hidden in this image of a bear.– Currently, social media is dominated by images related to optical illusions. Every day some or the other picture related to some secret is exposed before our eyes.

Although such special pictures used to be the center of attention decades ago. The 142-year-old image of 1880 is still prevalent today. This example of an optical illusion shows a bear.

The human face is hidden in the image.

Some children designed this picture a century and a half ago. It’s fun to find and show a human face somewhere in that bear picture.

If you consider yourself a genius, figure out the human face hidden in this bear picture in ten seconds.

Deception of sight
Deception of sight

Don’t worry if you are not able to find the person’s face within the allotted time. Only a few out of millions of people have been able to solve it. Actually, the bear’s eyes and ears are covered by a human face.

Check the result here.

Optical illusion 2

What a special picture of a bear made by children all those years ago. The face of man is also presented before the eyes, but the mind of goodness wanders in search of it.

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