Only true Indians will download.

Only true Indians will download.India will celebrate its 76th Independence Day on August 15, 2022. Tricolor in every house It is a campaign launched by the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Government of India to celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. This campaign has been approved by the Prime Minister of India.

The Government of India is asking its citizens to hoist the national flag at their homes between 13 and 15 August 2022. On July 22, 2022, flag pinning has practically started.

Readers interested in this campaign can now apply online. National Anthem is the name of a separate portal launched by the authority for this campaign. Read the article to get detailed information about Har Ghar Tricolor Certificate.

Certificates will also be given to all the citizens who participated in the campaign. Individuals who put their efforts into campaign art will receive a certificate of appreciation.

On the certificate, the name of the recipient will be listed along with appreciation for their efforts. People can download and share it on social media.

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By sharing the post, more people will know about the campaign and want to participate. Registration for the campaign must be done by the deadline.

Registration ends on August 15, 2022. Then the campaign will stop. In the following article, you will find details like registration process, certificate download process etc.

Aim of Every Home Tricolor Campaign

This campaign is launched to commemorate and celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. Our relationship with the National Flag of India has always been professional. The aim of this campaign is to awaken the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of Indian citizens.

Apart from this, the campaign will also educate the Indian citizens about the national tricolor flag. So everyone has to register themselves under the campaign. In our article, we have provided a direct link to the registration form.

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Thus the officer has created this program to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and connect people emotionally with the flag.

To commemorate 75 years of independence, the Prime Minister invited all Indians to participate in Tringa Abhiyan at every home. Certificates will be provided to applicants who complete the tricolor registration process at each house.

How to Download Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate?

Tricolor in every house The process to download the certificate can be found here. To download the certificate, follow these steps:

  • By visiting the official website, you can register for the Tringa Abhiyan at every home and complete 75 years of independence. From August 13 to August 15, 2022, citizens of the country can flag on the portal.
  • So, citizens who want to register should first go to
Every house is tricolor.
  • The home page will appear in front of you. You have to click on “Pin Up Flag” option.
  • After clicking on it a new page will open and you have to give location service and permission before filling the form.
Every house will sing

There are only two required fields on the form: your name and your mobile phone number.
Then, you have to upload a picture of yourself with the Indian flag as your profile picture.
Then you have to choose the next option.
Next, you will need to adjust the exact location on the map of the area from which the flag was hosted.
The flag will then be pinned on the map and an acknowledgment will be displayed.

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