Mahira Khan Is ‘Happily Taken’ Rejects Fan’s Proposal In A Swag Way


Raees actress has definitely got a Raees attitude and guesses what? Yeah, we are surely in love with her rare glimpses of attitude. So the story is quite interesting and we just can’t Help laughing, at how adorably this girl has rejected a proposal. Wow, this is surely so cool. Mahira Khan, top notch actress has made her way in people’s hearts through her incredibly polished acting skills.

Mahira Khan Is ‘Happily Taken’ Rejects Fan’s Proposal In A Swag Way
A memorable photo of Mahira Khan with her fiance and ‘future husband’ Salim karim at an event

Recently in an Instagram post, the actress encountered a fan’s comment who seemed to be much in love with Humsafar actress. Well, the fan was quite in a mood of do or die as he asked Mahira to clear her stance concerning marrying him so that he can move on in life. Mahira has got swag attitude as she straightforwardly told him to “please move on” for she’s taken.

After reading this people just can’t help laughing and admiring Mahira Khan’s witty reply. It would be quite surprising and extremely disappointing for him at the same time. Surprising in sense he would definitely be feeling himself the luckiest man to whom she chose to answer on the other hand her refusal is definitely making him feel like having big disappointment.

Mahira Khan Is ‘Happily Taken’ Rejects Fan’s Proposal In A Swag Way

Immensely beautiful and gorgeous Mahira Khan has always won our hearts. Her recent appearance on drama series Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay brought huge appreciation and love for her. Mahira feels like she is going through bad times concerning her films. She’s quite hopeful for her upcoming movie Quaid e Azam Zindabad. We are excited about her movie and wish her all the luck.

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