Learned coding from a broken phone, 12-year-old farmer’s son reaches Harvard University to study.

Learned coding from a broken phone. In the US, 12-year-old Karthik Jakhar is studying computer science at Harvard University by creating three learning apps. Karthik learned coding from YouTube through a broken phone and created learning apps. Karthik’s app provides free education to more than 45 thousand children.

It is said that success does not depend on facilities. Today, a 12-year-old boy is studying at Harvard University in America. As a result of his feat, Kartik Jakhar was included in the Guinness Book of World Records with a broken phone screen.

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12-year-old Kartik Jakhar of Jhaswa village in Jhajjar district of Haryana, 100 km from Delhi, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. Karthik is credited with inventing three learning apps. However, Karthik did not take any coaching for him. Apps are developed by watching videos on mobile phones and learning from there. Karthik, an eighth-grader, has learned coding through his phone and created apps. The screen of this mobile was also broken.

Karthik’s father Ajit Singh is a farmer. Karthik is the youngest of three sisters. Neither Karthik’s house nor his village Jhaswa has a table and a chair for reading.

While taking an online course I created an app

According to Karthik, right from the third grade, he wanted to do something different. After the school was closed during the Corona period, his father had brought an Android phone worth 8-10 thousand for the online class. Karthik read about coding and app development on YouTube.ube during his studies. You can create your own application by taking self-training from YouTube. During the development of the app, they also faced many problems. Karthik had to do the coding again and again due to the phone hanging up.

Karthik has created these three learning apps.

Lucent GK Online is the first app, and Shri Ramakarthik Learning Center is the second. The third app deals with digital education and teaches coding and graphics design. He joins an organization and provides free online education to around 45 thousand needy children.

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At the age of 12, Karthik has received several awards. These include Child Prodigy Award and OMG Book of Records. Karthik has entered seven different types of records in the OMG Book of Records. Karthik received a scholarship to Harvard University after clearing the entrance exam. Karthik is a student at Harvard pursuing B.Sc in Computer Science.

To serve the country

Karthik says that he will do something for his country by staying in India, even though he is studying at Harvard University in America. Karthik’s dream is to do something in the field of computers that has never been done before. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, Karthik proved what the destination is, what the path is. What difference does it make if you dare?

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