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Karan Mehra: Karan Mehra said – Rohit Sethia and my wife Nisha Rawal are having an affair, I have been living in my own house for 14 months. Karan Mehra, who played the role of ‘Neetak’ in the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehna Hai, said that his wife Nisha Rawal is having an affair with her brother Rohit Sethia.

Actor Karan Mehra, who made a name for himself by playing the role of ‘Neetak’ in the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, has been facing ups and downs in his married life for a long time. Both Karan and Nisha are now living separately. Karan Mehra has revealed in a press conference that he is having an extramarital affair with his wife Nisha Rawal, who appears to be his brother in a relationship. Karan said that wife Nisha had a brother-sister relationship with Rohit Sethia, but now they are having an affair.

Karan Mehra’s allegation, wife Nisha Rawal is having an affair with her brother.

Speaking to the media, Karan Mehra said, ‘On the one hand, there is a brother-sister relationship, on the other hand, you are donating the baby girl. Nisha Rawal (wife) has an extra-marital relationship with daughter-in-law Rohit Sethia. I could not tell all this earlier, all these things happened to me last year. If I had said that at that time, everyone would have said that the wife made the accusation, so she has said the same in return. It took 14 months to gather all the evidence. It took me 14 months to do one event, one thing at a time, talk to him, meet him. Friends said something, someone told something. All this happened in front of my child.

‘Brother and sister relationship is a sacred relationship, made a joke’

Talking about his wife, he added, ‘Rohit has been living in my house with Nisha for the last 14 months. Nisha’s mother also lives with her. It is said that brother and sister relationship is a sacred relationship. But in this situation it has become a joke. Nisha has falsely accused me, you all may remember that she confessed about their 2015-16 affair on Lockup show. That matter is separate and that is separate that even if I go to say something, impose on him that this is the matter. What proof will you give when someone says which brother and sister they are? When you were so honest and Nisha held a press conference on June 1, you told about your affair, but it didn’t happen, but when you went to the lockup, you were getting money, then the whole truth came out. . ,

Nisha sits very easily, snatches everything from the house, cars, children.

Kiran said, ‘I have a house, a business, labor, money invested in everything including a house and a car, the children are sitting very easily, carrying everything with them. Rohit Sethia also drinks alcohol, is a chain smoker, eats things like gutkha paan, to which my 5-year-old son Kavish reacted. And so I want Kavash to stay with me, I want his parental rights until things are sorted out. I don’t have access to Kavish, but yes Rohit Sethia does. Veetha Sathiya also has a 7-year-old daughter, wife. What will we tell these children tomorrow? What future are we giving them? Apart from Nisha and Rohit, the rest of the two families have no problem. I was getting constant calls with no caller ID and no visible numbers. You don’t know if you are sleeping several times a night and I wake up once a night. Someone said – finish the cases, otherwise his reputation will not be good. I have told the police repeatedly through email all the time.

‘My car was found under Rohit’s sister’s building’

As many FIRs as there were, FIR 1, FIR 2, there was a lot of political pressure. Nisha also threatened my witness and we have already filed this report in Gorgaon police station. Nisha and Rohit also reached IDBI Bank, Andheri East, where we had a housing loan, threatening a senior official where 25 people were present. There must have been some reason behind it. Statements of IDBI officials have also been recorded and submitted to the police station. I received death threats as evidenced by my lawyer. Along with that Nisha and Rohit made my car disappear and they said that Karan stole the car, meaning I stole my car. We went to the police station, reported and then found the car near Rohit’s sister’s building. When Rohit refused to hand over the key, the bankers had to drag him away, causing further damage. Who has borne that loss, it is me.

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Last year, Nisha made allegations against her husband.

Let us know that last year Nisha Rawal filed a case of domestic violence against Karan and also accused her husband of having extramarital affairs. At that time, Karan had said that Nisha Rawal’s brother Rohit Sethia had also folded hands and requested him to forgive his sister for her big mistake. I forgave him. This Rohit Sethia was standing in front of me apologizing to me that my sister’s life will be ruined, he made a mistake, what will happen to me and my honor?

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