Karan Kundra finally reveals why he never spoke about ex-girlfriend Anusha Dandekar’s allegations

Karan is now in a serious relationship with Tejaswi Prakash.

Karan Kundra has finally revealed Karan Kundra has been in the news since his break-up with his ex-girlfriend Anusha Dandekar. While they talked a lot in public, Karan never uttered a single word. Most people could hear him talking about her in Bigg Boss 15, when he told his current girlfriend Tejaswi Prakash that Anusha often encourages him to take initiative.

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Now, Karan talks to Shardul Pandit on the latter show. He said that it is very easy to spread dirt, it needs someone to do it. “All these allegations, the nonsense, all that you’re starting to talk about, it’s very sad,” he said. The actor then insisted that how your ex behaves in such a situation dictates how they behave after the relationship ends.

Karan is not afraid to take the wrong decision if he takes a step that is not approved by him or his family. The TV actor then shared that Tejashwi is aware of everything and that means everything because he doesn’t judge her. Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra were in an open relationship. They also came together in a show called Love School. However, unfortunately, the two parted ways and months later, Karan met and fell in love with Tejashwi in Bigg Boss 15.

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While Karan and Tejashwi are making love, Dunya hears Anusha accusing Karan of being a cheater. She hints that he has cheated on her, causing them to break up. Currently, Karan is in a serious relationship with Tejashwi. Their families are also aware of their equation and fans have been waiting to hear the wedding bells for a long time.

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