Is your daughter experiencing premature puberty? Indian parents understand the vital signs and do not make these mistakes.

Your daughter is going through puberty prematurely The onset of puberty in girls is quite common these days. Many parents are concerned about why their daughters start puberty early or grow prematurely. Many researchers have discussed this issue, so let’s know what is early puberty in girls?

Puberty in boys and girls is when physical changes begin. During adolescence, many organs are formed and many changes take place in the body. The process usually starts between the ages of 10 and 14 in girls and between the ages of 12 and 16 in boys. Girls and boys go through different changes during puberty.

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Girls’ breasts increase in size during puberty. As times are changing, more and more girls are experiencing precocious puberty. For this reason, parents often go to the doctor. A parent told a doctor that their daughter was only 7 years old and still played with dolls. Her breast size has increased at such a young age. Are hormones in milk and meat responsible for such a condition? Are there antibiotics in food? Also, the parents asked if their 8-year-old daughter would get periods at such a young age.

According to pediatricians and endocrinologists, I have seen many girls who go through puberty at such a young age. When girls go through puberty early, they face a variety of medical and psychological problems in the future, such as depression, obesity, eating disorders and cancer.

Signs of Puberty

Many people consider the onset of menstruation to be the beginning of puberty. The first sign of puberty is the growth of breasts and pubic hair (hair near the pubic area). There is nothing medical about armpit odor, underarm hair, acne, or moodiness associated with puberty.

When I was a child, it was considered unusual to show signs of puberty before the age of 8, but today 15% of girls develop breasts by 7 and 10% develop pubic hair. By age 8, 25 percent of girls have increased breast size, while 20 percent of girls have pubic hair.

Due to early puberty

Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center found that early puberty significantly increases the risk of obesity. The sebaceous gland is very active and converts other hormones into estrogen. Girls with more adipose tissue are more likely to have early puberty. However, it is unclear whether obesity is the primary cause of early puberty or whether other factors are involved.

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Several studies have found a link between stress and the onset of puberty. Women who grow up with domestic violence and do not have a biological father are more likely to have periods than other girls. Stress causes the brain to start regenerating faster than if it spends more time under stress. Early puberty is caused by hormones in the brain that are responsible for reproduction.

Researchers are trying to figure out the many reasons why girls start puberty early. In addition, researchers are studying whether too much screen time and too little sleep affects puberty.

When daughters reach puberty, parents should take care of these things.

If your daughter is also going through puberty, it is important to explain the changes in her body in simple language. Everyone has to deal with these things at this stage but there is no need to panic as it is normal. Make him feel comfortable with the changes in his body.

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Despite your daughter’s early puberty, be careful not to treat her like an adult. Your daughter should be treated according to her age. While she hits puberty early, she hasn’t grown up yet, so talk to her about her age. Parents often harass girls about clothes, which makes them feel uncomfortable, which in turn weakens their self-esteem. Dress her for her age, not her size. He should also look at things that he finds interesting at his age.

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