Imran Khan’s daughter Tyrian is spotted with his sons Suleman and Kasim – birthday celebrations


Imran Khan, a big name in Pakistan politics and also remained the president of Pakistan for four years, and now fighting for his legal right after his government is ended because of a Petition. Imran Khan married to Jamaima Goldsmith in 1995 and the couple is blessed with two Sons Suleman and Kasim Khan. The couple parted their ways in 2004 because Jamaima did not want to live in Pakistan.

Before getting married to Jamaima, Khan was dating with Sita white and she had a daughter named Tyrian white whom her mother said that she the daughter of Imran Khan whereas the ex-president of Pakistan always denied the allegation. He never accepted Tyrian as his daughter. While dating with Imran, Sita White got married to Philippines guy but their relationship ended because of Imran Khan. For a long time, Sita hide the identity of Tyrian’s father but after some time she revealed her identity.

Sita also went to court for her daughter’s identity but Khan did not bother and told her that he is not free to visit for case in a short time. In the court, Sita summoned that when she was pregnant with Tyrian Imran was hopeful that this could be a boy but when he got to know that it’s a girl he asked Sita to abort the child but her mother refused to do so. After the death of Sita, Jamaima took the custody of Tyrian and gave her motherly love. Have a video look!

Recently Jamaima uploaded a video in which Imran and Jamaima’s sons Suleman and Kasim were celebrating the birthday of their stepsister Tyrian White khan. She was blowing the candles on the cake that was held by his brother and they all were wishing her happy birthday. This video raised many questions about khan and definitely that can affect Khan’s political career very badly.

What do you think Tyran could b the daughter of  Imran khan? Why does he refused to be the father of that innocent girl. Please share your opinion in the comment section given below. Thanks!


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