If you have a bad tricolor, don’t forget to throw it away! Learn how to dispose.

If you have a bad tricolor, don’t accidentally throw it away. Only damaged or disintegrated flags may be disposed of. This function is mentioned in the Flag Code of India.

Many times we hear that the national flag should not be insulted. Tricolor maintenance, hoisting etc. are done with respect. But how often do we see the tricolor scattered on the road. It is appropriate to hoist the flag only on the occasion of Independence Day or Republic Day – what about them later?

Every house tricolor campaign has also started. In such a situation, our national flag and its maintenance is important.

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Damaged flags are the first to appear.

Flags are usually found torn or crumpled after the flag hoisting ceremony is over. Sometimes they are thrown in the trash. In particular, if you think it’s okay to pick up a flag off the road and throw it in the trash, stop!

Few people realize that hoisting the national flag is actually a crime. The Flag Code of India describes how to remove a soiled or torn national flag.

According to the Flag Code of India 2002, the national flag can be buried or burnt after it is damaged. Either of these two methods should be followed strictly.

What to do with the damaged national flag?

Damaged flags are collected in wooden boxes for burial. After folding, they are put in a box and kept there. Then the box is buried in the ground. After burying the flag in the ground, silence should be observed for some time. This process should be done in a peaceful environment.

The flag can also be lit. Clean it by burning it in a safe place. Make sure the flag is attached correctly. After lighting the fire, place the folded flag in the center of the flames.

An Indian flag should be lit by fire and placed in the fire with respect. Burning the flag directly or upright is illegal. The national flag should be a symbol of justice, freedom, loyalty and pride for the country. Therefore, it is important to preserve its dignity while disposing of it.

The tricolor is widely used on national holidays. Therefore, burning such large quantities of flags is an easy way to dispose of them. A wooden casket is required for burial, but it can also be respectfully buried.

Flying the Flag Solo: Some Important Things to Know

There is no place where the flag can be used as a decorative item. It cannot be used to cover desks, podiums or any part thereof. Cushions, napkins, handkerchiefs, underwear or any clothing material cannot be made or embroidered.

It should also be noted that the tricolor cannot be worn below the waist as a dress, uniform or any other accessory. Flags should not be used as screens to wrap (receive or deliver) objects.

The tricolor flag cannot be used at private funerals. The vehicle or any part thereof may not be covered.

It is important to note that common people cannot put tricolor on their cars or two-wheelers. The national flag can be displayed only on the vehicles of certain government officials. It is also mentioned in the Flag Code of India. The following people are included:

  • President
  • Vice President.
  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Heads of Indian Missions/ Posts in countries where Indian Missions/ Posts are recognized.

Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers; Union Minister of State and Deputy Minister; the Chief Minister and other Cabinet Ministers of any State or Union Territory; Ministers and Deputy Ministers of any State or Union Territory.

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speaker; Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha; Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha; Chairman of Legislative Councils in States; Speaker of Legislative Assemblies in States and Union Territories; Deputy Speakers of Legislative Councils in States; Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assemblies in States and Union Territories.

Judges of the Supreme Court; Chief Justice of High Courts; Judges of High Courts.

You can only dispose of a flag if it is damaged or discolored. It is imperative that all types of flags are personally destroyed by burning or in any other appropriate manner that respects the dignity of the Indian flag. If paper flags are made of paper, you cannot throw them on the ground. It is also a good idea to dispose of them privately.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after hoisting the national flag, it has to be lowered slowly.

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