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Copy of Har Har Shambhu Song: Lyrics of song ‘Har Har Shambhu’ is a copy of Krishna Bhajan, read full news: Nowadays everyone seems to be listening to the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’ in the month of Sawan. It is sung by Jeetu Sharma. When this song went viral, Farman Naaz also recorded a great song on it, but did you know that Har Har Shambhu’s lyrics are taken from Krishna Bhajan.

The music and melody of Har Har Shambhu Geet are taken from Achyuta Gopi’s Krishna Bhajan tune.

Actually the music and melody of Har Har Shambhu Geet is taken from Achyuta Gopi’s Krishna Bhajan tune. If you listen to Bhajman Radhe Govind sung by Achyuta Gopi, you will find similarities in its melody and every Shambhu song, the difference is that it has music. A little different via

Har Har Shambhu song has been removed from YouTube.

You will also be shocked to know that Abhilapsha Pandya and Jeetu Sharma’s song was removed after it was released on YouTube. Explaining this, Jeetu Sharma said, ‘Every every Shambhu song is not on YouTube. We told Achyut Gopiji about this song and he had no problem singing Har Har Shambhu. He is very happy that now there is Lord Shiva’s song on this tune.

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Every Har Shambhu song has received millions of views.

Although Harhar Shambhu is spreading a lot of panic on social media. This song has received millions of views. While Abhilipsa Pandya and Jeetu Sharma have also become popular through this song. This Bhole Baba song is on everyone’s mobile in the month of Shravan. It is ringing inside me and people seem to worship Bhole Baba humming it.

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