Groom Touches Bride’s Cheek In Mandap, Then Couldn’t Get Up – Watch Video –

Groom’s Video: Groom Touches Bride’s Cheek In Mandap, Then Couldn’t Get Up – Watch Video: Bride and Groom Video: In this video you will see that the bride gets angry over the slightest thing and attacks the groom. He bathed the bridegroom in a crowded assembly.

Bride and Groom Video: All kinds of scenes are seen in the wedding. Sometimes Baraati wins everyone’s heart with her funny style, sometimes the bride and groom create a ruckus with their unique entry. Sometimes there are reports of a fight between the bride and groom at a wedding. A video related to the wedding has again surfaced on social media, in which it can be seen how the bride and groom fought each other in the mandap. go It can be seen in the video that the groom starts joking with his bride before doing the round but she does not like it and gets very angry. Also Read- Viral Video: Kanpur Govt Hospital Flood, Operation Theater Water And Water Watch Video

The bride is fighting with the groom.

In this wedding video, it can be seen how the bride and groom are performing the wedding rituals while sitting in the mandap. After some time both were about to stand up for the cycle when the groom got amused and started teasing the groom. The bride became very angry at this act and quarreled with the groom in front of the guests. Soon a fierce fight started between the two.

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Even the guests couldn’t stop laughing.

The way the bride and groom are seen fighting each other in this video, the guests there were also shocked for a moment. Everyone started laughing at his act. This wedding video has been uploaded on the official_viralclips Instagram account. The caption on the video indicates that the video clip is about a Nepali wedding.

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