Google Suite for Education – What Are the Apps?

To define it in very simple terms, Google Suite for education is a software package designed by Google and comes with its main elements in one location. Teachers can easily make and manage their lessons easily by having everything in one location. In this system, students will only need to sign in using their Google account and they will be able to access all their past work online.

G Suite for Education
G Suite for Education

They also have the option of choosing their own schedules or sticking to the teacher’s schedule if they are the scheduling system. This package is made for educators, university lecturers, and college or university students. It does not matter what level of education you are in, this software can be useful to you.

Google Suite Education

Google g suite for education is used by a lot of people to organize their classroom notebooks. A lot of students have notebooks where they store all their important information and notes such as homework, research results, and even test results. These types of files are vital since they are supposed to help them achieve their goals in that certain subject. If these files are not kept in order, students will definitely find it difficult to recall the necessary materials needed in order to pass the course. Google g suite for education will surely help in organizing these files.

Google g suite for education is beneficial to teachers because they will no longer have to worry about storing paper documents and hard copies of class materials. Teachers now have the choice to either collaborate on documents online or to physically bring the documents to the students. By being able to access Google Docs online, they will be able to share their works with their students as well as collaborate with other teachers and their groups. There is no need for them to get a separate Google drive or account just to store all the needed documents.

Google g Suite for Education

Google Suite for education can be classified into two main parts namely, the core suite which contains all the tools and apps required for teaching and learning. On the other hand, there is the individualized suite which contains only those apps and tools that are needed for each individual student. The core suite provides teachers with everything they need to conduct a class while the customizable suite contains just those things that the teacher needs to include in his own lessons. Teachers do not have to get a separate Google drive for these files since they can simply install the individualized sheets in their Google folder. Google also provides a number of practice exercises that can be used for training purposes.

G Suite for Education Features

Google suite also features Google Docs, which is similar to the spreadsheets that are used by most people. Teachers can collaborate on their work just like they do with Google spreadsheets but they can also add some tools to make it even more fun and interactive. In the customization section of the app, you will be able to choose which fonts and colors to use and you will also be given the freedom to change the document title, size and font color as well as its background and color. You can also choose between italic, normal and bold variants for the cells and tabs in the document.

The other apps in Google Suite for education that teachers can take advantage of are Google Works and Apps. This is a special version of the suite that is designed especially for education. Google Works can be used to manage classroom projects, make calendar appointments, create notes, and search documents. The other app allows students to share pictures, make a video and edit text and even add Google+ tags so that teachers can easily recognize the written works of their students.

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