Do this first thing as soon as you enter the hotel room or you will regret it later –

Hotel Room Tips: Do this first thing as soon as you enter the hotel room, or you will regret it later. Sometimes you have to stay in hotels. In such a situation, after checking into the hotel room, you should follow some essentials. By not doing this you invite many dangerous diseases.

We all need to stay in hotels at one point or another. Sometimes people stay in hotels for a work trip. Nowadays, hotel rooms can be booked online. Whenever you enter a hotel room, it seems that the room is very clean. But have you ever wondered if hotel rooms are really hygienic? Due to the lack of cleanliness in the hotel room, you can suffer from many dangerous diseases. Today we are telling you some important tips, which will help you stay safe in hotels.

Check the room’s bathroom.

The first thing you do after entering a hotel room is to check the bathroom. Sometimes the housekeeping staff does not clean your toilet properly. In such a situation, it can spread many types of diseases. So before using the bathroom in a hotel room, sprinkle a mug of hot water on the bathroom floor to see if it is clean.

Check the hotel glasses.

Be sure to check the glass provided for drinking water in the hotel room. These glasses can be one of the messiest places in the room. If there are any stains or marks on it, ask the hotel staff to change it. If they have water marks like most dishes come with air drying, you’ll want to take care to clean them once before using or replacing them.

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TV and AC remote

TV and AC remotes installed in hotel rooms also get dirty many times. Many people have a hand in it. A 2020 Inside Edition report says that a TV remote in a hotel room is so dirty that it has been found to contain not only Covid-19 but also viruses like E. coli. So use sanitizer while using the remote.

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