Bird scares Sai at the baby shower, will the new trick work? –

Lost in someone’s love – Gum Hai Ki Ke Pyaar Mein Pakhi rekindles her dark intentions on the day of her baby shower. Pakhi tells Sai that Virat will not give this baby to Sai but only to her.

In the serial Gum Hai Kise Pyaar Mein (Gham Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Mein), the makers are maintaining suspense about Sai’s pregnancy. In the latest episode, Pakhi has a baby shower. Meanwhile, Sai is also groomed and given a baby shower. Meanwhile everyone says that Sai has a glow on her face as if she is pregnant too. Hearing the praise of Sai, the bird gets jealous. Amid this happiness, Pakhi tells Sai something that makes her face turn pale.

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Pakhi gets annoyed by Sai’s praise.

Pakhi Gum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Hai is showing her colors once again. In the episode, Virat decorates Sai with flowers. The bird has bathed the child. Along with this, Sai is also prepared in the same way. A romance between Sai and Virat has been shown for a long time. Virat also says that even though Sai is not pregnant, she has a motherly glow on her face. Many people praise Sai and talk to Him in a way that would make a bird jealous. Pakhi tells her mother that she will not give the baby to Sai. On this his mother says that Virat will never let him do that.

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Sai then spewed poison.

Meanwhile, Pakhi chooses Rasgalle in Mithai to which Bhavani says that Pakhi will have a son. She feeds sweets to the bird. Seeing Sai happy, Pakhi says that it is useless for her to be happy as she will not give him a child. Pakhi says Virat himself will keep this child in my lap. Sai is shocked to hear this.

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