As soon as he removed his make-up, the groom could not see the bride, fell unconscious – Watch Video –

The groom did not see the bride as soon as he removed his makeup Despite the arranged marriage, the groom was overjoyed on his honeymoon, but he was deeply moved by what he saw.

There is no way to predict what you will see on the Internet. Some of the videos are soothing to the eyes. However, something shook you to the core. A similar video related to marriage fraud has now surfaced on social media. In the video, the bride and groom look very happy to have an arranged marriage. After the guests leave, their honeymoon begins. Meanwhile, he saw something that made his eyes tear up.

The bridegroom faints.

The viral video begins with the bride and groom leaving for their honeymoon with all their guests. The bride is removing her makeup as she sits comfortably on the groom’s bed. The bride’s appearance changed as soon as she took off her makeup. After removing all her makeup, she fainted at the sight of the groom. The bride was indeed bald and had broken teeth.

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The bridegroom cheats

In this video, it can be seen that after the arranged marriage, the happiness of the groom disappears within two seconds. Cheating is done by the bride and groom together. The wedding video has been uploaded on an Instagram account called Wedding Couple Page. Various reactions are coming after watching this video.

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