Anil Kapoor’s daughter Rhea Kapoor crossed all limits, users expressed their anger on the post.

Anil Kapoor’s daughter Rhea Kapoor has crossed all limits. Today, everyone is familiar with the famous Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor is not interested in any identity in the Bollywood industry today, but he remains the subject of much discussion in his personal life. The main reason for which is that Anil Kapoor lives in a lot of discussion because of his daughters in his personal life. You must have heard about Anil Kapoor’s elder daughter Sonam Kapoor, how she is often the subject of discussion in the media due to her controversial statements and how Sonam Kapoor married her boyfriend against her father’s wishes. got married. Apart from this, her younger sister has also turned out to be like her elder sister, she is also often in the headlines for some issue or the other. He too can often be seen facing trolls on social media for his vulgar statements.

Anil Kapoor’s daughter is seen wearing a red dress with her husband.

Let us tell you that Rhea Kapoor is quite active on social media. But Rhea Kapoor faces more trolls than applause on social media. The reason is that Rhea Kapoor often makes such statements. Due to which she is in the headlines a lot. A post of Rhea Kapoor has been discussed a lot on social media, due to which Rhea Kapoor is getting a lot of abuse even today. In this post, she can be seen wearing a red dress with her husband. Looking at these pictures, it can be guessed that these pictures were taken during Christmas, but Rhea Kapoor is still being abused a lot on these pictures. Apart from this, he is also facing many trolls on this post.

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The reason why Rhea Kapoor gets trolled the most

In Rhea Kapoor’s post, it can be seen that she is wearing a red dress. A puppy is also seen in the hands in a red dress. Her husband Karan Bolani is also seen with her. The reason why Rhea Kapoor got trolled the most for this post is because she had said in one of her statements that she does not believe in Karva Chauth fasting. Because the moon is worshiped on it. But when Rhea Kapoor shared these pictures of her Christmas celebrations on social media, the trolls got angry and said that moon is hypocritical worship and this Christmas is real. But due to this, Rhea Kapoor is facing many trolls on social media, users are also seen venting their anger on Rhea Kapoor on this crimson post.

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