2.4 lakh challan for drunk driving, will go to jail for so many months.

2.4 lakh challan for drunk driving Traffic rules have been made very strict to reduce road accidents. In such a case, a person caught driving a vehicle in a wrong manner can be fined up to Rs 2.41 lakh and jailed for several months.

Traffic rules have been made very strict to reduce road accidents. In such a situation, if you are caught driving erratically, you can face a fine of up to Rs 2.41 lakh and several months in jail. In the UK, drunk driving is severely punished. The magistrate and the nature of the offense can determine whether you are jailed, banned from driving, or fined. The British government has introduced tougher penalties for those caught driving under the influence of alcohol. A driver caught drinking too much can face up to three months in jail or a fine of Rs 2.41 lakh. According to the British government website, the accused driver may be banned from driving.

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Even after all the paperwork, 2000 challans will be cut in India.

The Motor Vehicle Act says that if you misbehave with a traffic police officer while checking the vehicle’s paperwork or in any other way, the police officer has the right to deduct a 2000 challan from you. There have been many times when we have started an argument with the policeman over something and it has turned into rudeness. When such a situation arises, you should not misbehave with the traffic policeman, and if the policeman misbehaves with you, you can file a complaint and take the matter to court.

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How do you know if a receipt has been deducted?

Visit the website https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in Click on Check Challan Status. Three options will be available: Challan Number, Vehicle Number and Driving License Number (DL). Select vehicle number as an option. After filling the required information click on ‘Get Details’ button. The status of the challan will now be visible.

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Online traffic challan filling

To access eChallan visit https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/ Complete the challan related details and captcha and click on get details. A new page will open with the details of the challan. Pay the invoice as you wish. Click on Online Payment with Challan option. You must fill in the information related to Paymentsrm payme yournt. Now you have filled your online challan.

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