Airtel USSD Codes, Airtel Balance Check Code

How to check Airtel Internet Balance? How to check remaining balance and sms of your Airtel connection? All these questions have a simple answer. Yes, we have prepared some best content for you in form of Airtel USSD Codes. We will provide you all codes related to your Airtel sim connection like Airtel Balance Check Code.

USSD is also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which are some quick codes for checking the various essential parts of a sim. You can check remaining airtime, sms, Internet and balance by using Airtel USSD Codes.

  • How to check Airtel Balance?
  • Check the Airtel Internet Balance?
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  • How to Check Airtel Number?

Airtel USSD Codes

Airtel is the famous Indian Cellular company which has over 50 million customers in India. There are thousand of people who do not remember codes for checking balance of Airtel connection, Internet Balance. we have a bunch of codes for them which may help them more after reading this article. We will start from Airtel Balance check code which is as below:-

Airtel Balance Check Code

We all know that every person has more than 1 mobile phone connections and rememebring codes of each sim is not possible sometime. It would be better to save these codes instead of asking different friends. For this purpose, we have made this post for you. You can use Airtel balance check code for checking the remaining balance of your Airtel mobile connection.

Dial *123# to check your balance. You can also check the balance by calling Airtel helpine 121.  You can also use Airtel Official app for checking your balance and Internet balance. The app for Iphone and Android can be downloaded from Iphone App store or Google play store for free.

Airtel Balance Check USSD Code *123#
Airtel Helpline  121

Airtel Internet Balance Check Code

Airtel USSD Codes, Airtel Balance Check Code

The best cellular company is providing 2G, 3G and 4G Internet to its users. Different packages are available. If someones Internet Data expires before the last date than it become very problematic. To do a proper check and balance about Airtel Internet Balance there are Airtel Internet MBs check Code and Airtel Mobile app.

You can use any of option to check your Internet balance check code by dialing *123*10# for 2G Internet data and for 3G and 4G Internet balance check you can dial *123*11# or *123*8#. Here are details.

Service Code
Airtel 2G Internet Balance Check *123*10#
Airtel 3G / 4G Internet data check code *123*11# or *123*8#

Airtel Useful USSD Code

Airtel USSD Codes, Airtel Balance Check Code

There are so many other USSD codes which can help you a lot while using your Airtel mobile connection. These codes include Airtel Airtime Check Code, Airtime Minutes check code, Airtel Loan USSD Code, Airtel 3G Activation USSD Code. Here we go :-

Service USSD
Airtel Balance Check *123#
Airtel 2G Data Balance Check Code *123# or *123*10#
Airtel Complaint Number 198
Airtel 3G Data Check Code *123*11#
Airtel Local SMS Balance *123*2# or *555#
4G Data Check Code *121*8#
 Night Data Balance *123*197#
DND Activation/Deactivation 1909
Get Airtel Loan *141*10# or 52141
Airtel Value Added Services *121*4#
My Airtel Offer USSD Code *121#
Airtel to Airtel Remaining Mins Code *123*1#
Airtel to Airtel Nights Minutes *123*6#
Local SMS Check Code *123*7#
Talk time Gift code *141#
Special 5 Offer *222#
Live Services *321#
Airtel 3G Activation Code SMS 3G to 121
Airtel Twitter services *515#
Free Facebook *325#
GPRS Activation *567#
Missed Call Alerts Code *888#
Local SMS Pack Activation *777#
Airtel Loan *141*10#

You can check various services using Mobile App of Airtel. This app is free of cost available on both iOS and Android users.