What Happened to Linda Ramos-Moore – 32 Years After She Disappeared

A set of human remains were discovered in East Snohomish County, Washington, in a distant wooded location in March 2022 by a hunter seeking deer antler sheds.

Dental records were utilized by pathologists to confirm that the remains belonged to Linda Ramos-Moore, a lady from Tri-Cities. She had recently divorced, was 29 years old, and the mother of two young children when she vanished on November 4, 1990. Three days remained until she turned 30.

What Happened to Linda Ramos-Moore

What precisely occurred to Linda that day is unknown. In North Seattle, she was a guest at the Geisha Inn, which is located just off Aurora Avenue. She was recently divorced and had recently broken up with a live-in boyfriend before going missing. At the time, the Geisha Inn didn’t have a good reputation. It was renowned for being the least expensive lodging option along Aurora Avenue as well as a prostitution hotspot.

Linda, who had been a guest at the hotel for about a week, invited a male acquaintance to visit for consolation. Around midnight, she borrowed a few bucks from her buddy and left her room on foot to go buy cigarettes at a local tavern. Linda had promised to return immediately, but she never even made it to the tavern. Linda only brought her white ski coat. Her makeup and pocketbook, which contained pictures of her two young children, aged 2 and 5, were left behind.

After some time, the friend went in search of her and filed a missing person report when he was unsuccessful. The family did not formally report her missing to the police until 6 months had passed. One of the hand-drawn fliers that were delivered in Portland and Seattle can be seen in the first linked link. Hospitals, homeless shelters, and a number of medical examiner offices were checked by police, but no leads were found.

Her remains were discovered in a county over from where she was last seen and more than 200 miles from her Tri-Cities family. Her cause of death, according to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office, is still a mystery. Few details have been disclosed by the investigators.

Linda’s case was investigated by the Green River task force in the 1990s to determine whether there was any connection, but no proof connecting her to those homicides has ever been discovered. Gary Ridgeway has said he had nothing to do with Linda’s death or abduction. However, it should be noted that many of Ridgway’s victims were found in the same location where Linda vanished.


Near the scene where Hazel Gelnett’s body was discovered murdered in May 1988, Linda’s remains were discovered. Scott William Cox, a truck driver, was later thought to have killed Hazel.

“Knowing that she died just makes me feel so, so sad. And I wonder if she was afraid during her final moments on earth,” said her sister, Kathy Shirey, 60, of Kennewick. “She had no fear. She was courageous and a force of nature.

I’m delighted they found her, Linda’s 80-year-old mother Mary Burgess remarked. There was always a chance that she would still be alive, but that didn’t happen when they discovered her. We were aware of wrongdoing there.



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