Dua Zehra’s mother’s harsh reaction to her ‘Honeymoon plans’


Dua Zehra and Zaheer Ahmed’s first interview after winning the case was live yesterday with anchor Zunaira. She herself mentioned many times during interview that she was in contact with Dua and Zaheer from the first day when conspiracies started. She asked many questions to Dua and the answers were clearing the whole scenario about her traveling to Karachi. She told that the fare from Karachi to Lahore was twenty-two thousand rupees and that was paid by her husband Zaheer when she reached Punjab University Lahore.

Zunaira asked her about her willingness to go home to the court and in front of her parents, she deliberately denied it and said that it’s not true. My parents are lying to Judge and the media. She also told that Zaheer’s family is very decent and there is no truth about gang involvement and drug injections.

After their interview, Dua’s mother is also approached by media person. While interviewed she reacted very aggressively about their plan for honeymoon. She asked Zaheer through social media that it’s not possible that you will take our daughter away from Pakistan and you should not even think about it. Here is the video of Dua’s mother. Public reaction is very strong and they are giving suggestions that this matter should be solved privately by both families without involving media.

As the couple is now permitted to live together because they are legally husband and wife now, the anchor person asked a question about their honeymoon. Dua replied that she wants to visit any place that her husband likes. But Zaheer wanted to go abroad and said we have visited the whole of Pakistan in two months so we will try to go out from Pakistan for honeymoon.

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